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To stuff a Fillet of Veal, or Calf's Heart
with Pickled Herrings,

Take two herrings; skin, bone, and wash them in
several waters: Chop them very small, with a quarter
of a pound of suet: Add a handful bread grated fine;
and the like quantity of parsley, cut very small:
Throw in a little thyme, nutmeg, and peper, to your taste.
and mix all together, with too eggs. Half the quantity
of the above stuffing, is exceding good for a Calf's heart.

Stuffing for a Roast Turkey, of pickled Herrings.
wash in three of four waters two pickled herrings,
which afterwards skin, and take out the bone carefully.
Take half a pound of suet, and two large handfulls of
bread grated very fine. Chop the herrings, suet and bread
separately very small. Beat these all together in a
marble mortar, with the white of an egg, after throwing
in a little nutmeg and white pepper.

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