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{31}ffor the Cough of the Lungs
Take a gallon of faire running water, a handfull of
figgs, as much Coltsfoot, the like of maidenhaire a
handful of succory, as much of Endive, the like
quantity of perseley roots and 8 dates, boile all these
together till it come to 3 pintes, then straine the water
from them and boile a pound of suger with the said
water and put to it . 3 . or . 4 spoonsfull of vineger and
soe use it

{32}ffor a Consumption or burning

Take 40. or 50. house snailes, and pick them out of the
shell, scower them with water first, then once or twice
with white wine, drie them in a cleane cloth, and put
them into a pottle of milke of a cowe of one colour
and put it into a flagon or earthen pot & soe boile
it in a kettle of water on the fier, till it comes to
three pintes, or lesse, drinke of this morning and euening,
with a quantity of conserue of red roses, and as much
flowers of brimstone as will lye uppon a three pence, in
each draught if it be a feauer allone leaue out the
flowere of Brimstone

{33}Docter Burges his medicine
for the plague

Take .3 pintes of malmsey and boile therin one handfull
of sage, as much hRue, till a pinte be wasted, then straine it
and set it on the fire againe and put thereto a pennyworth
of long pepper, halfe an ounce of ginger, a quarter of an
ounce of nutmeggs, all beaten together, then let it boyle a
little and put thereto an ounce of mythridate, halfe an ounce
of Treacle, a quarter of a pinte of good Aquauitae, or hot
Angelica water, which is better, keepe this as your life aboue
all wordly treasure take it alwayes warme both morning and
euining a spoonefull or two if you be allreadie diseased sweat
thereupon, if not once a day a spoonefull is sufficient, in all
the plauge time, under God trust to this for certaine, for
there was neuer man, woman, nor childe, that this deceiued
if the hart be not quiet mortified & drowned with this
disease before, this is not onely good for the common
plague which is called the sicknes, but also for the small
pox measles, surfets, Agues and diuers other kindes of

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