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oring cakes A:T

Take what weight you like of good
coulerd [colored] civill [Seville] oringes take out all
the Seeds and ^skins skins beat the oringes as
much as its posible that it be all
smooth like past then take the
weight of them in loafe Suger and
beat it in to the pulp till it be all
mixt or melted in then to about
a lb of Suger take the quantity of
2 whites of egs beat it to a froth
and put it in as it rises and
keep beating it into the oringe
when you think its enough beat
drop it on puter [pewter] dishes plates or
what you like set them by the fire and
when you think they are dry enough
at the Top Turn them upon clean ones
and so continue to Turn them till they
are dry I add sometimes slice of lemon


How to make Oring Marmalad

Take 6 Larg Sevile oringes paire them
very thin, then cut them in halfs and take
out all the Meat, boyle the skins in 3 waters
till thay are tender, then cut half of them
in to peices & beat the other half smal in
a Marbel morter. Let the Meat & Juice
which cam out of the oringes be well picked
from the white strings & seeds then take
the peiles and Juice with the Pulp, and that
take the weight in Loafe Sugare; boyle it
till it Louke cleare; and a Littel before
you take it of the Fire, put in the Juice of
a Larg Lemon. Let it be a Littel on the
fire then take it of, and put it in Glases

put in Heare a Gill of water when you
set it on the fire.

JG 1713

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