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To make Burnt Clarett Wine, or Sack
which if it be not Set a fyer is Caled Mule Wine

If you Burne a great Deale at a Time, then a kettle
or Such a like vessel you must put your Clarett Wine in,
with Cloves, & Synamon if you will, & Rosemary; the
Spice a little bruised the better: when on the fyer its
ready to boyle, take it off, for boyling Wine makes it
drink heard, & loose its sperits; espetially if you Sett
it a fyer, & then if you burne it never soe little, if it is
in a pott that hath a Lid, soon as ever you clap doun the
Lid or Cover upon it, the flame will instantly goe out:
Sweeten it with Suger, so drink it Hott, or Colde, the
Cold drinks pleassantest, & Barreld, or Bottled upp,
it will in a Coole Roome, keep fresh a Month, or more
many in Voyages carry it so to Sea; but then if you
keep itt, burne itt not, as unburnt its much more Cordiall
At Taverns, they allow for a Gallon of Claret Wine a
Pound of suger: & of spice
And they will put of thear worst Wine, for Such uses
as for making Hypocrasses; but the best, is best.
After the same manner you must Mull Sack, only
it needs not so much Seasoning of suger, & spice.

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