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Apothecaries Weights


20 grames make 1 Scruple [symbol for scruple]

3 Scruples make 1 Dram [symbol for dram]

8 Drams make 1 Ounce [symbol for ounce]

12 Ounces make 1 pound [symbol for lb.]

The Markes used in

A pound [libj?] is [three symbols]

A halfte a pound [lib?] [symbol[ is [symbols]

An ounce [symbol] [symbols]

Halfe an Ounce [symbols]
A Drame or ʒi ℈iii
A Scruple ---- ℈i gʳxx
A graine gʳ i

A like quantite or even ā āā

Mix according to art [Ms. s. a.]

Grace Countess of Granvilles
receipt Book.

F. [Tweeddile?]

Notes and Questions

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I believe the Markes of Physics is a translation guide to the the symbols with shorthand and general conversion

So the entries are like
A pound (libj) is ℥ xii (A pound is twelve ounces)

Also found the symbols
Drams: ʒ
Ounces: ℥
Scruples: ℈
Grains: gʳ