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228. Therewith in the Morning before you goe abroad and for that
day by Gods blessing you need not fear the Plague. [mark]
It takes away any pains or greafe by reason of cold moisturs and
[Catath's ] in the bones and Sinues tint annointing the place soe
greived with a warm cloath laide on it,
It health a Fistula, or Ulser, Be it ...ever soe deep, beine, applyd
as for a cutt.
It helpeth digestion annointing the Navell and Stomach, when you goe to bed.
It will Staunch blood speedily of a green wound putting [aplaister] of
on it and tying it hard
It is good against ythe wind Chollict and ythe Stich, in the side, applying it
thereto with a warme cloath, 4 Mornings together, a quarter of an hour
It is good against Poison, helpeth [mourfett ], takeing an Ounce in
warme Sack:
It is good agaisnt Worms and Cankers using it as for a cutt, butt requires
more time to heale
Tis good for one Infected with ythe Plague, Measles, smallPox if
plesntly taken in warme broath, a quarter of an Ounce, fowre
Mornings after each other and sweat upon it, and helpeth head
aches by annointing the Temples and Nostrills therewith

A Purge to Strenth ythe Liver nd aganst y the Dropsey
Claryfy apint of Juice of Savory which do by boyling it softly and Skining it, straine it into a bason, when tis well settled put it
into a Pipkin put to it an ounce of Rhuberb sliced very thin lett
it Stand in hott Embers[symbol that could be used for "for" ] 4 hours, Coole it and straine it out
hard, boyle the same Rhuberb in halfe a pint of Savory water
until all the goodness is out, and strain it into the other Infusion,
till is comes to a thick black skin, let it boyle to a Sirrup height.
of Roses else it will not keepe Take of it two ro three dayes
together three or four Spookesfull cold in this Morning. if to
fulsome take it in cold before. If it works to much take a less
quanitity if to little then take more.

TheLeaden Plaister
Incoprporate together foure pound of the best Oyle of Olives
one pound of Redd Lead calcin'dto powder, twelve ounces of Spanish
Spaope, in an Earthen calcining Pott, let it on the fire for an
hour and a halfe stirring it continnually with a ball of Iron
fastened to a stick of wood then make a bigger fire till the
Redness be turned Gray, Still stiring it till tis of the Colour

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Another case of specific pots or utensils are used -- an "Earthen...Pott" an "iron ball on wood" for certain cures.