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the flower of salues
Tak of Rosin & per Rosin yellow wax sheeps
suet of each half a pound mirh [mastick] of
each an ounce Fran Kincencse four ounces
Turpentine four ounces camphire two
drams whit wine half a pound powder that
which is to be powdered & searse them Fine
boyl the wine with all the other ingredients
but the turpintine & camphire euermore
stiring it till the wine be consumed then
Let it cool still stiring it till it is but
blod warm then put in your turpintine
& camphire & when it is cold mak it up in
rols & keep it for use
the uertue of this salue it will breed good
flesh it will [Jotser] no corrupt or dead flesh
to abid in wounds it is good for all maner
of Impostums in the head or ears or cheeks for
all sinew strains or bruises it will draw out
broken bones or any thing that may grow in
a wound & it is good for biting of venemous
beasts & heals all manar of botches [fistete]
& [anker] & for nole metangere and it
draw out all maner [bp]aine in the liuer
splene or reynes and helpeth the emrauds
it must be spread on Leather for aches

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