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An Excellent Strengthing Bath against
{a} strainne prescribed by Doctor Watson & cured Mistress Gilbert
of Lishfeild
To a pinte of Springe water a penny worth of
strapt harts horn & boyle them together, till halfe
be roasted, then strain out the harts horn & put to the
water fiue or six spoonfulls of Muscadine or Tent
And then heat a litle of it at a time & bath the part
greeued as hot as you can abide it with 2 peeces of
fflanell as one cools put on the other And so do
morning & euening or only at night. wrapping it
warme in a peece of flanell

Doctor Gerards Receipt pro drynesse or Thirstynesse
Crabs eys & Creame of Tartar of each 1 dram &
Sal prunell 2 drams with Milke & water with
before mention'd quantity is sufficient pro 4 doses
Salt of amber 6 or 8 grams if the other do not
made in a Bolus

ffor the stone Mistress Hartleys receipt
Take of the best Honey Fiue pound Eringoe Roots
4 ounces boyle these in six Gallons of Springe
water to 4 Gallons then worke it with ale yeast
& botle it after 2 or 3 days standing to settle
You may Some times put in a few bay Berrys with will
be good for the wind

ffrom the same person
Take halfe a pint of Ale warm it & take of the
scum then put in a spoonfull of honey & when
it is disolued beat the yolke of a new laid
Egg & stir it in & giue it & ly after it

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