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Fflour Cake
Take 3 pond of flouer well dryed
one pond of butter melted in a pint
pint of creame one pint of strong
ale yest with out hops 7 yolkes and 2
whits of eggs half an ounce of cloves
and mace one nuttmag a quarter of
a pint of sacke mixe them together
and strow a handfull of flower over it
Let it by the fire a quarter of an
houre then put in 3 pond of corrant
well rubed and dried 3/4 quarters of a
pound of sugar let it stand in the oven
2 [] hours
you may maek a seed cake the sam way
to Ice the cake tak 4 or 5 whit of egge
and beat them in to a snow tak a £ of
dubel Refined sugur sifted very fin
mix it with the sugur with a bunch of
feathers ice the top of the cake then
put it in to the oven to harden

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