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To mak Pill Rush [Ruffe]
Tak of aloes one ounce [myrthe] [Mierh]
one half ounce saffron a
quarter of an ounce pound them
to a very fine powder & [with] the
sirrup of Lemons mak them to
a mass pounding them well to
gether & so mak them in to pills
[os] you use them

ffor a burn
old [dears] shuitt melted & raggs dipt
in to it & layd to the burn heals [aks]
out the ffire & heals it, proved

ffor the wormes [Rro]: Tho: Pretties direction
1 scruple of burnt harts horne 1 scruple of [coreline]
& put in [treathe] & [give] so much at a time per
3 mornings together
& after give somethinge to purge
ffor a pin or fishebone in the throate
Gunpowder put into a spoonfull of viniger

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