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To Dry hank beaf or Longs

Take a legg or sholer of prok hang it in
open place for 10 or 12 days be sure to dry
then will with a [clatle] every day then [with]
them will with viniger and make a brine
of salt and watter so stronf of will bare an egg to a bout 3 gallons of brine adda pint of viniger pat the liquid in to loine
vesel as will hold the ham on lelt theme
by 10 or 12 days put a wight on them to
keep them close covered with the brine will
turn it 2 or 3 times but may
be done in the same manner the tongs [ileft]
not be hung but be put fresh into the
[pickell] the must be dryd [of] you doe
To make Ginger bread
one pound of treakle 1/2 [geopenfall]
of brandy beat to geaither 2 pounds of flower
one ounce of [salt] Ginger 3 oz of lemon and [oringe]
pell make a paist of it aply it yoa pleas half a
pound of butters. Ruled in the [haiver] bake it
in a slow oven

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