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For a Cough. Bro: Dr. [...]
Take one gallone of water, twenty sliced pip-
pins, two hand fulls of Mallows, a litle Rose-
mary, sage [...], & winter savory, halfe
a ponnd of figs, or so many as to make
it pallatable, & few Anniseeds, boyle
[...till?] one qrtr is consumed, & drinke
halfe a pint at a time sweetned with
syrrup of gronnd ivy. Exilente Cough
or Consumption

Take the [Allarompany], handfull of horehound 2
penny worth of maiden hair, handfull of fennil
Roots, handfull of parsley root, those all boyld
in 4 qrts of spring water till they be boyld to
allmost a pint, take [those?] & strain them & put the
water in a vessel to Coole, then put it into bottle
all but [...], & then put in the Candy & boyle
it till the Candy is dissolved, [...] the roots, before
boyled [after?] a Consumption has been [proud?]

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