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ffor the Stone Master Lees experiencd
who liues at Ibstock & Master [A..]robus report[...] it

Tansey the Juyce Clarified with honey
& dranke with oyle

To make the red Corrain wine
Take 8l pickt Corrains bruise them & put to
it 2 gallons water & boyle them & scum them,
let them stand till cold, strain it, then take
7l suger & 1 pint of Clean water, disolue
the suger in it ouer the ffire, & when it[...]
ready to boyle, take another pint of water
beating into it two whites of eggs, put in
some at a time into the sugerd water, to
raise the scum & take skim it clean, then
boyle the Corrain water strain & the suger water
Clarified pretty well about halfe an hour,
let it stand & Coole & worke it up with
barme / put it into a barrell about 8 days
then botle it

To Season fresh Herrings with peper &
the herrings whole, only take the heads
of, & the heads put into the picle laid & maybe tak
on out when baked the herrings laid down t[....]
in a pott with a few bay leaues & Cloues & mace bakt in stronge sta[...]
{ale & viniger afterwards Kept Coole /}

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