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For the Exill by Swelling in a joynt as [tho clnsld, to boiyd]
after somo [purging]. medirins xper x
70 [zottios] directions
Frosh butter[ e ] Fox [gloud] leanes made into . an
[ogist mont ]to around the plane, the herb[...] to
be bruisd [e] boyld, with [Aldor]barke, broom
[e] dioarfe [...] to ands or barke for a diett drinkd
[e] boyld in mindling wort, an hand full of each to a
gallon, use Constantly in slead of othor beere
no [hoxps]
For the [sneeing] in the head Bro: Tho: 70 [rothids]
dirottion is juyse of Bittony aspoonfull in ald

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