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[mariorym] and so let it boyl a littill
and set it to cool when it is cold
then work it up with [barm]
and when it is in the vessel put
your spike in as you think
fit brus the spice

For to brek the Ston
Tak two peny worth of garlick
pull the Skin ofe the cloves boyl
them in a pint of runing watter
till they are tender then put to
it a pint of whit win viniger and
a pound of suger let it boyl all
together safly till it is a Sirrup
then when it is cold cover it all
together and keep it for use
you must eat as many of the
cloves at a time as you can or as
your Stomack will bare then tak
two Spoonfull of the Sirrup after

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