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M Hectors Advice for the stone
in the Kidnys

(Liver) Dr. Ffloyd
A Bath of fine smooth Water with a peck of pelli:
tory of the Wall boyld in part of it is cleard from
the herd, putt 2 or 3 Gallons of milk to it, let the ves:
:sel be so filld that you may litt in it (above the
wast, it not up to the Chin, Dr Ffloyd) to the navell
for some time as you are able let it [bt] milk wam
& as it cools add, of some that hs bath, stirr it round
to keep it all at a lem pur & rub the parts affected
of that person bathing
Add to this proscription Honigreck & Linseed ol
each 4 oz White Lilly leaves & Marshmallows of
each 2 handfull
Anoint the paind parte after Bathing with
lhan ointment of Althaea & White Lilly leaves
Drink Barly Water At any time& Marshmallow leaves in fusd
in it, or Marshmallows tea

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