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To make fine Black Ginger bread
Take the crumbs of a penny lofe grated and
sifted very fine . w through a hair sieve
and mix[] it with clarrit over a gentle fire
1 once fine powder'd sinnamon and put
it into it with a little pound Ginger and
let it boyle gently ouer the fire keep it
stirring till it is almost stiff anough for
pa[is]t then take it off of the fire take the
waight of the bread and two onse more
of fine sug. and stir it in off [] the fire
then take 1/4 ʒ of blanck'l almond's and
beat them in a morter then put them
into the kettle and stir itt with a spoone all
togather [till] you can work with your
hand's But you must not work it too much
then roll it out into little cake's and
if you have any print's you may print
it then take them and put them to dry
probatum est

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