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To make Aunt [Wattss] of London Seed Cake
Take 4 £ of fine flowr & dry it 3 hours befor[...]
th e fire then rub in a pound & quarter of Butt[...]
till their their is no lumps in it, then take a
pint of ale yait and a quart of milk 2 peny.
worth of safforn dripd and putt in a ragg,
& squeezed in the milk till all the [derhie] is
out, then put this yait first unto the flowr
then the milk a little warme to the yeast
and flowr working of it will togather
with your hands then putt 3 quarters of a
pound of [smoath] Carraways cumfitts 3 quarts
of a pound of [biscay] cumfitts, when you have
worked all togather putt it in to an hoop.
an hour will bake it if the owen be quick.
you may put in a pound and half of sugr
or 2 ℥ of carraway seeds instead of th e
comfits as you [please]

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