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To Pickle Wallnuts
You must haue a Large kittle of watter
Ready to boyle and scald your wallnuts and
you must be sure not to scald them to much
you must not let them be soft but take
them out quickly after thay turn yellow
and when thay are cold rub of the upper
skin with a course cloth y[] then put them into
salt and watter it must be strong brin and
Let them stand 3 or 4 days putting fresh salt
and watter to them twice a day[^] to fetch out
the bitterness[^] your Pickle must be vineager
well boyled with Peper and a little salt
spice and when it is cold put the wallnuts
into the pot you desire to keep them in and
shake over them a good handfull of mustard
seed and some cloues of garlick peiled and
then pour your Pickle upon them and
couer them Close

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