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how to mak mareh pars
Tak a pound almonds and blanch them [ioas]
and beat fine in a morter with a
littel rose water then take a £ of white
sugur and beat them together with your
almonds then a little white shuger lay it
on a table and make it into paist make
them into ounce cakes 2 ounce cakes raise
them nick them take them and see and
papers strew some coalloured confits
when you see them and dry them a little and keape them for use
To mak maccaroons
Take a pond of Almons and blanch
them and wasse them cleane and beat
them fine with a littel Ros water
then beat the whites of 6 eggs in a bol
with whisk put in your allmons
a pond of whit sugur sifted mix
all thes together a [safer] breadth
[lay] them daubel upon paper

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