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when it is a candyheigh you may tell
by takeing some between you fingr
and [....]tring it in [a noft]then skim
it and put in water to [Carrichie] it
then to make it Rufth take a tunning
dish and put [a] stick in it then fill it
up and lett it run up on the Comfits
but keep shaking & put some starch
then dry them well in the kettle &
sett them to the fier to dry
& So for the sugerPlump
to make [penydis] tak 8 sugur and
boyl it to a candihith and when it
will snap be twen your fingers
then pour it a pon a ston and
when you can handel it hang it
a pon a huck and work it well
dipe ing your hands in starch
then mak it in to what shape you

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