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Oring Brandy
Take 12 or 18 Oringes pare thom
very thin, put tho chip in steep in
3 quarts of Brandy lett thom stand
[teen] days in a glass close stoped
with a cord of leather [yod] over it,
thon take 2 quarts of [corindit] waltor
1 pound of haff of Loaf suger Boyl the
waltor & sugar [gonloy] an hour together
& skim it well thon strain it through a
flanill lett it boylo near half away
whon it! Cold strain tho Brandy into
the surrup, mix it together & Bottle up
Clarify ye suger with [] waltor with
of an egg [??] it good for stomach adn wind
Oring waltor
Take half a 100 of oringes [pare of that]
oringes very thin, & put thom into a very wide
mouth glass to a quart of [Bell] Brandy, & stop
it closed that no aire may come in lett
it stand about a month thon put it into
a cold still with [two] quarts of [Bellsack]

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