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to boyl then put in your straws and the
boyl it to the coler you wold hau
talaktack out all your straws [a]
put in som of your Lemon coler [a]
let them boyl put in a bit of [lin] and
for purpal it will mak it {re blue}
1/4 of fogwad 3 quarts watter let it be
Redy to boyl and put in your straws
then let it boyl tack out som and
then tak out som more the longer
it boyls thr deaper the coller preen
thes and then tack them all out
and tack som of all the straws
that you haue died be fore and put
in to this licker and boyl them a
littel then wash your colerd straws
uery well in euerall watt water
for greene this most be cold
tack dry straws and 3 oz french vardi-
-greas put it to a fine pouder one
quart of tin are good Alleages? mix them
well to geather in a erthen pot then
put in your straws and if you wold
haue seaueral collers put som of your
lit purpul let yallo and put it in to

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