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if Scarlit you must put in Virmillion
in to the varnihs if you wold haue
it a deap and fin scarlit you most
ad a littel dragans blood fin poudered
it must be polished of a for sad

to dey leather scarlit paper or fethurs
tak seuchaneal and braseal 1/4 4 and
a little Rock allam pun the seuchaneal
to pouder and boyl it in fare water in
a puter pint one penyworth of acafortis
dubel and shaf puter and put them to
gether in a erthen pot and thay will boyl
as if thay was over the fire then put
a small quantity of acafortis filled in to the
licker and where the licker is Just [was'n]
then put in your leather or Rub it on
the leather and let it dry by degres
you niy tak acafortis and fill it with
stell pouder for purpel and other q
Redish collers of redwod and [logruad]
youbug must leave givn bug in it

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