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To coler Scarlit feaithers
1/4 £ brased 2 pen of [seuchaneal]
& 1/4 d brown Tortor or grounds of sack
boyl them in stiring watter and
put in a littel Allam the longer
thay boyl the deaper thay are
to couler yallo
2 oz of the best turriminak
2 pen of Saffarn and a littel
fir purpal then perpal ta ck
your Scarlit feathear and dip them
in the water and a littel suchanel
boyl it togeather

To coler Greene
tack Gom bug 2 d 2d of destiled
viardigres boyed well to geather
in watter boy then putt in some
ston blu puned put in your feast
heeat and let it boyl

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