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Philipps MS [...]
25396 [...]
Certain Collection [...]
intituled [...]
For rough & chapped Lips. If your use to rub them with ye sweat
behind your ears, 'twill make them smooth & well-colred Car
{1} For deafnes & other distempers in ye ears. The Juice of ye ro[...]
buds, Leaves, inner rind, or of ye young branches of Elder
(something warm) put into ye ear doth not only break ye
Imposthume thereof, in 4 or 5 times using, but also
doth marvellously help ye deafines. This is an approved thing
{2} The grease of an Eell, & ye iuice of singreen mixed toge=
ther, of each alike much, boiled a little, & a little thereof
put into ye deaf ear, 9 nights together, will bring ye hear=
ing again as well, as ever it was.
{3} Brandy warmd, & wool wetted therein & put into ye pained
{[manicule]} ear, helpeth much.
{4} The Juice gotten out of a red Onion, & 3 or 4 drops
thereof put into ye deaf ear Cold, 3 or 4 nights when ye
party goes to bed, helpeth ye deafnes, be it never so great or
antient. Fear not, though it put yow to much pain at ye
first time, for at ye 2nd time it will be more easie
{5} Veeriuice sod untill it be very hot, & yen put into a Tin
bottle with a narr [...] or in ye ear
yat ye fume [...] will help
{TS} ye head-ach[...]

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