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{9} an evelyn balsom the vertues
{pag 1} receit of doctor Steevens Water {pag 10} for paine in the back
{1} a salve for any sore {10} for a consumption or [extream ] cold or cough
{1} fore a felon {pag 11} for the seatica
{1} to make a drawing salve {11} a soveraine searcloth
{1} to recover breath in a consume {11} for worms in children
{1} for the biting of a mad dog {11} another for the same
{1} to stay the inordinant courses of women {11} a salve for any green wound or old sore
{1} for childrens navels that stand {11} for the cough or the lunges or great cold
{1} out over much {pag 12} an [ey] [xlent] plaister for the gout gout
{1} to force on to make water {12} or any other paine or ach
{pag 2} another for the same {12} for an ague
{2} to make oyle of roses the best way {12} for a great cold in man woman or child or for shortnes of breath
{2} to make the oyle of charity {12} for sinewes shrunke
{2} for a bind in the sid arising from {pag 13} for the Sor
or of the spleen {13} to make sirup of flowers
{2} to stay the rume when it falld {13 }an easey way to make siup of giliflower
from the head to the throat {13} to make siup of
{pag 3} for falling of the vulva or palat {pag 14} to make a siupe of folfool
{3} for a rupture {14} for the ague in a child aproved
{3} for a could palsey {14} a cooling broth for on in a burning feaver
{3} for the colicke {14} for a canker in the mouth or for a sore mouth
{3} for the shingles {14} in young or old
{3} for the cramp
{pag 4} how to know and how to use on infected {pag 15} for the flux
with the plague {15} to make iely of hartshorn
{pag 5} for chilblanes and for the gout {15} for the scatica
{5} for a wen upon the eye lid {15} for a burne
{5} for hotnes of urine {15} for a swelling
{5} for a great cough or cold in children a mou [L[..]]
{5} for the ricketes aproved
{pag 6} another for the sam aproved
{6} to make sirup of folfool
{6} to make sirupe
{6} for lice in childrens heads
{6} for a great cough or cold in a man
a tryed good on
{6} for deafnes preceeding of cold taken
{pag 7} a searcloth to take away paine
{7} for the emrods
{7} to cur an ague tertian or quarten
{7} another another another
{pag 8} another
{8} for ^paine in a joynt upon cold
{8} another for paine in a joynt
{8} for the Gout a tried good on
{8} for the Gout another tryed good on
{8} for the falling sicknes
{pag 9} for paine in the back
{9} for a bile
{9} to break a bile from great cold
{9} for paine in the back caused by a

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