c.17th-18th century herbal manuscript referencing 'Parkinson', presumed to be herbalist John Parkinson (1567-1650), author of the most popular printed herbal during this period "Theatrum Botanicum - Theatre of Plants". The manuscript appears to have been written in 2 different hands and contains 15 pages of recipes with indexes (index on first page, as well as middle of volume and end). Includes recipes: 'for the falling sickness', 'for the biting of a mad dog', 'A salve for any sore', 'To increase breath in a consumption', and 'To stay the inordinant courses of women'. The herbal is bound within a soft stitched cover which is damaged extensively at the back.





To make syrrupe of folefoote

Take folefoote & dress it cleane & pick it & wash it, & then let it dreyne through a siue till it be dry, then chop it& stampe it & streyne it through a streyner, then sett the [ioyce] to settle all night afterwards take the clearest of it, & putt to it soe much clarified hony or sugar as you have ioyce of folefoote & boyle it to halfe the quantity. Dr Ferman.

for the ague in a child

X Take [ciprus] turpentine then make 2 peeces of leather 2 inches long and soe broad as will fit the insides of the [wristes] then spread the turpentine theron ? somewhat thine and sprinckell it with the powder of olibanum and Soe apply it to the [wristes] leting it ly till it com of it self: if is necessary that the patient [purg] by giuing him a scruple or 2 of rubarb on the day before the fit comes alsoe apply the aforesayi~ plaisters the night befor the fit comes. probatum. DRz iv

A cooling broth for one in a burneing feauer spetially. + Dresse a chicken or red cock, dry it well & boyle it with coole herbs {26} as the [rates] of sorrell, platine & fennill, the leaues of Endive & cichory, the flowers of Burrage & Buglas; when tis throughly boyled chop the chicken small & streyne it with the broth & [uice], season it & use it for your diet.

X ffor further mitigation of the heat take picked barley & use it as you doe wheat to gett of the huskes to make frumenty, & when it is well husked boyle it as you doe the sayd wheat till it [crack] now & then eate that with a little of that it is boiled in, you may first boyle your barley & in that decoction boyle your chicken as before sweeten it with sugar & giue it a tast with red rose water. If the Patient desire much drinke gett some filburds, pick of the pills on the fernell, grind them as you doe almonds blanched, & with the decoction of the sayd Barley make as it were allmond milke & season it, & lett this be your drinke somtimes when you are dry Dr Caudry.

ffor a canker in the mouth or for + a sore mouth be it of young or ould.

Take of sage of fennill, of 5 leauedgrasse of each a handfull & of holythistle 1/2 a handfull, after you haue washed them swing them in a linnen cloath then stampe them & streyne out the uice into a porringer, then [poutieer] a peice of Allome of the bigness of a walnutt & putt it, & soe much hony to all the stuffe as will sweeten it, then sett it altogather on a soft fire 2, 3 or 4 whalmes alwayes stirring it that it lumper not then putt it into a glasse or galley pott for your use, & when you will use it take a little thence, & putt it into a spoone & warme it, then with a cloath tied on a little stick or with your finger, anoynt the greiued place 3 or 4 times a day but neither presently before nor presently after meate & it will soone be well.

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15 + for the flux

Take as much bole armoniake finely beaten as the waight of a groat & giue it to the patient in his [male] ale caudles or other supping things & it will heale it.

To make gelly of hartshorne a most excellant restoratiue for one in a consumption +

Take 4 oz: of Hartshorn thin shauen of the white therof & boyle the same in 3 pints of running water, upon a sloe fire let it Boyle but sloly till it come to a gelly & be consumed to a pint, then cleare it through a strener & sweeten it with sugar according to the parties likeing after that put in alsoe 2 spoonfulls of rosewater & a spoonfull of Synamon water & stirr them.

+ ffor the seatica

Take of new wax, of deares suit, of pitch & prorosen of each a pound, of ffrankinsence ijli of mastick 4 oz: beate all these seuerally by themselves to powther, soe as you may get the substance of them through a fine siue.

+ for a bruse up

Tak of the leaues of malowes and green wormwood of each a handfull spread them small then boyl them with som galts grea[.]se in a pan of [brase], and [.] [....] {stir}it continually til the hearbs be very soft and tender; soe aply it pultis wise as warme as the patient can well sufer

+ A poulteis for a sweling up

Take 2 quartes of ale or beer put therein a handfull of chicken 1 [deed] 1 hand full of plantan leaues 1 handfull of malowes and 1 handfull of leaues of a red rose cake boyle all these together till allmost half be consumed then put to as much oatmeall as shall make it fit to sp spread and let it boyle a while continually stirring it then take it of and put thereto 2 larg spoonfulls of salet oyle siue it well together and soe apply it poulteys use as warme as may well be sufered

X for a burne or scald

Take of the yellow mosse of freestone dried, & rubbed to powder (or the yellow mosse of slates or tiles) 6 oz: of houseleeke 2 oz: of ground iuce 2 oz: & of galts grease one pound & 1/2: stamp the ground iuce & houseleeke in a stone morter very small, then seeth them with the galts grease upon a gentle fire till it leaue bubbling, and looke browne alwayes stirring them, then straine it through a canvas bagg into a bason or the like, then stirr it till it be cold & put it into potts for your use. If you put but half the said quantity of galts grease, & the like quantity of mutton suit rendred your salue will be stiffer, & some thinks the better. probat. ch.H

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A table of the receipts in this booke

A Ackes L Lalke in children to stay
Aqua p. 7. 12.14 lice in childrens heads p. 6
Atherstonge salue. 17
Aqua mirabilis. 20. M. Morter to heale.
sore mouth 13.
N. navell
necotian salue . 17
B Balsome how to make it. 9
brreath to recouer in a consumption. p. 1. O Oyle of eggs.
Bile p.9 Oyle of roses. p. 2.
Back pain. p. 9. 10. 21 Oyle of charity p. 2
Broth cooling for a feauer. 14.
bruse. 15.
burne or scald. 15. 20. P Palsie p. 3.
bruise spraine or paine in the back. 17. Plague p. 4. 19.
bloddy flux. 18 paine in ioynt upon cold. p. 8. 9. 19
breasts sore. 18
. .
. .
R Runing of the reynes.
Rume to say p . 2
C Rupture p. 13
Cankers in the mouth. 14. Rickets. p. 5. 6.
Collick. p. 3. 21.
Cramp . 3.
Chilblaines. 5
Cough or cold. 5 . 6. 12. 20. S. Salue healing to make. 20.
Consumption. 10. Salue for any sore pag . 1.
drawing salve p. 1.
swelling in the face. 3.
d. dropsey shingles p. 3.
dog. mad. p. 1. 18 syrrups. p. 6. 13
searcloth to take away paine. 7. 11.
scattica . p. 11. 15.
salue for green wound. 11.
sinews shrunk. 12.
E Earewigg stone. 13.19.
Emrods? p. 7. sores or scabbs nere the fundament. 21.
eye water. 16. .
T. toothach
F ffelons to cure p. 1. .
syrups foolefoote . 6.
falling sickness 8.
flux. 15. 18 ?
flos onguetorum . 17. V. Vinegar syrups
vuela falling p. 3.
vrin p . 5.
venomous blasting. 19.
G. Gout to ease. 5. 8. 23. 18.
gelly. 15.
W. Warts.
Water Dr Stephens. pag. 1.
womens courses to stya pag. 1.
H. Hearing to helpe. 6. to cause one make water pag. 1. 2.
. wind in the side p. 2.
. Wen p. 5
. Wormes in children. 11 .
J. Jaundise 18. 21
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An excellent water for eyes & sores

Take a creame pott that hath not been used, & soe many ounces of white vitrioll X as it will hold gallons of water (observe that proportion) & when ther is any quantity S of snow cause the vitrioll to be beaten to powder, & then put into the pott two or 3 handfulls of clear snow & presse it hard downe, & then scatter some of the vitrioll powder therupon, & soe a good handfull of snow & then some powder till the pott be full up heaped & the powder spent, & then couer it with a cleane linnen cloth & sett it in a seller wher it may not stand warm nor freeze, & when the frosts & snow be all gone in the feilds, you shall soone after find the snow dissolued in the pott. When you haue use of the water power it into glasse bottles by the helpe of a tunnell, through a cleane linnen cloth: & the longer you keep it the stronger it will be. It will steine linnen. Dr Matthias

An other way to make it.

X Put a pottle of springwater and an oz: of white vitrioll into a pot or glasse that may hold somewhat more, couer it with a linnen cloth or the like and 35 stirr, or shake it, morneing & euening to rayse the settlings from the bottome for 7. or 8 dayes in summer, & if made in winter for 14 or 15 dayes, and it will then be fitt for your use. The vertues & use. {1. } It beeing dropped into the eye will cure bloudshotten eyes, & take away X S pearles, pinns in the webb, & filmes growing there {2. } It will cure rumatick eyes by droping some of it into the eye when the patient is in bed, & before he rise in the morneing, but if the haue bee soe any X while, or be extreame, then take a peice of a red rose cake of some thickness of about 3 inches broad & 4 inches long & infuse it with 7 or eight spoone IIIfulls of the aforesaid water in some little peater dish upon some embers towards bed time, & the patient beeing in bed, & the rosecake well infused bind it blood warme ouer the rumatick eye from the nose to the temples with such linnens as you regard not, for it will much steane them. {3} A peice of red rose cake soe infused & soe applied will soone giue ease to eyes tormented with paine, or applyed to the temples & forehead will cure the headach. {4. }It will alsoe take away inflamations from sores, & stay humors flowing thither and giue ease to them that are troubled with headach. {5. }It will likewise soone heale a broken brow or skin being soe applied when the hurt is new done. {6.} It will also cure burnes & scalds if they be not extreame, being shifted before the rose cake be any thing dry. {7} It alsoe being layd upon a plaister applied to a sore, & shifted euery XS 12 howers through the plaister be but once in 24 will hasten the cure in halfe the time. {8} III The water will cure the itch, ringwormes, & teaters by rubbing them XS oft with it. That with snow water is fittest for hott & that with spring water for cold rumes. pb.[Spe] pT.H.

SX ffor rume in the eyes.

36 Take Pigeons dung & frie it with red vinegar & apply it to the nape of the neck. X

A good water for eyes

37 Take stibium ground into fine powder the weight of 2d-6d the powder of Crocus metallorum the weight of 2d & of Camphir the weight of 5 or 7 grains of wheat. put all these into a bag of sarcenett, and hang it almost to the

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17. bottom of a glasse of a quart of snow water & 7 or 8 spanefulles of sweet damaske rose water, & sett it in an other vessel of hott water, some 3 howers & keep it close stopped after it is could for your use as most soueraigne gentle & effectuall. Dr Langham

A good healeing salve of Nerotian or Atherstongus. XTake of English Tabarro 3ls & 1/2 (that wanting) adders tongue or Mellilot) stampe it in a stone morter then seeth it with a quart of sallet oyle in a pan (alwaies stiring it) till it looke black, & will bubble noe more, then 3strayne it & you shalle haue an excellent greene oyle, then put to it of virgins wax thin sliced 1/2li of rozen beaten to powder 1/4li sett them againe on a soft fire, now & then stirr them, & when they be well incorporated take it thenne & put to it 2 oz: of good turpentine and stir it till it be could & put it into potts & keep it for your use. [I]ts good for inueterate ulcers, apostumes, wounds & for all rutts, & hurts in the head. pb. T. H.

To make flos unguentorum Take of rozen, & perrosen of each ili of Virgins wax. Olibanum 10 [℈] {3l-4}red deares suit, & venice turpentine16 ℈ of each 1/2 of Mastick 1/4li powder that which will powder & cut that which will cutt; then melt the wax rosen, perroson, olibanum, dears suit into a pan upon a soft fire, & then put in the Mastic Mastick, alwaies stiring them, & when they are well incorporated, then streane them through a strong canuas bagg into a pan that hath in it, 3 pints of white wine hot in it, then set it to boyle 1/8 of an hower againe on a soft fire alwayes stirring it, & then take it from the fire & stirr it till the fume be of: & then put in 2 drams of [C]amfir2[oz] finely sliced, or powdered, & after you have a while stirred them put in the Venice turpentine, & stir all together till they be could, vpon a little pease straw or the like with a slice of aboue two foote in length. You must haue the helpe of two men the one to stirr & the other to hold the pan, when one is weary the other is to releiue him. When it is soe stiffe that it will be stirred noe more, then take out then[c]e a good lumpe, pull it in peices & streane it in your hands to get out what liquor you can, & then lay it on an oyld smooth board, when it cleaves to your hand annoint it with some oyle or put your hand into the liquor in the pan soe use the rest & make it all up into rolles & lett them lye one by one some eight or ten daies & then you may lap up each role with some paper & keep it for your use. pb. T. H.

ffor a straine, old bruse, or paine in the hart, or weakenes. XTake of Burgendy pitch 8 oz: of white wax 4 oz: of Olibanum 2 oz: shaue your wax thin, beate the Olibanum into fine powder, the melt them on a soft fire in an earthen pott well leaded: & when they be well incorporated, & boyled a little then power all into water, & when it is cold anoint your hands with butter, & therewith beat well & work the said stuffe out of the water, & then roll it into roles & then keep itt it in oyled papers for your use. When you use it spred it upon sheeps leather sniped full of holes, & apply it warme to the greiued place. Lady Cartwrigte

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