c.17th-18th century herbal manuscript referencing 'Parkinson', presumed to be herbalist John Parkinson (1567-1650), author of the most popular printed herbal during this period "Theatrum Botanicum - Theatre of Plants". The manuscript appears to have been written in 2 different hands and contains 15 pages of recipes with indexes (index on first page, as well as middle of volume and end). Includes recipes: 'for the falling sickness', 'for the biting of a mad dog', 'A salve for any sore', 'To increase breath in a consumption', and 'To stay the inordinant courses of women'. The herbal is bound within a soft stitched cover which is damaged extensively at the back.





{X} for the biteing of a mad dog.

Take of new cleane picked six ounce, of garlick the outward pill taken of 4 o℥: of the best London treacle as much, of the[ strapeing] of pewter or tinn 4 {40}spoonefulls: boyle them in [balneo], in 3 quartes of the strongest ale for 4 howers take of this liquor strained euery moreing fasting 9 spoonefulls, continue this 9 dayes. Alsoe take the stuffe from which you strained the liquor, and apply it to the bitten place, this will cure the biteing of euery venomouse thing, not in man onely but in euery other creature. -The quantities are to be obserued of the one as well as of the other pb T.H.

A good medicine for sore breasts. {X} Take the Urine of the man that is husband to the woman seeth in it a handfull of Elder leaues untill they come to a plaister at least well sodd, apply them {41} as a plaister to the sore breast, & it will yeeld speedy remedy against the greatest paine of a breast vnbroken, & quickly heale a breast broken, yet better a breast unbroken.

Another {X} Take the inner rind of an Elme, the inner rind of an Ash, the inner rind of an Elder, then take Valerian, capons feathers, Sinckfoyle, & marigold leaues a pint of the best & thickest creame that may be gott, the fatt of calues chaldrons clarified, stampe the hearbs & the rinds, but first cutt the rinds small, boyle all these untill they come to be very green, then straine it into your pott for your use.

{+} Another excellent good one.

The excrement of a child applied hott as it comes from it pultiswise to {43}inflam'd & hard swelled breasts. It easeth the paine & taketh away the hardnes

ffor the bloody flux {+} Take the milke of a red cow as warme as it is milked, then take a gad of steele, lay it in the fire untill it be glowing hott, then put it into the {44}milke & couer it close, & when it is cold take it out againe, & red hott putt it in againe 5 or 6 times, drinke of this untill you be stopped.


Make powder of the iawbones of a pike, putt some of it in red wine & drink {45}it first & last, & eate some of the powder dry: this sayth my Authour hath done the cure when other things have failed.

ffor a sore mouth in a Child. {+} Take Columbell leaues & 5 Leauedgrasse, boyle them in milke & giue them the child in milke with a spoone

ffor the yellow Iaundis {+} Take Elicampane rootes & the inner barke of a barbary tree of each 6.oz: of {46}Saladine rootes 8 oz: of English safron the weight of a groat seeth these in a pint of white wine, then streane it, & drinke therof 4 spoonefulls euening & morneing fasting warme.

A singular good medicine for the gout. {X.S} Take a young whelps of a hound, that hath lately opened his eyes, the fattest you can gett, scald him like a pigg, then take out his gutts, & take one handfull {47}of nettles, another of [daineswort], stampe them with two good oz: of brimstone the yolkes of 4 eggs, foure oz: of turpentine, stamp them altogather, then put it into the belly of the whelpe, & sew it up & the fundament very close that none come forth, then spit him & make but a gentle fire to rost him, the longer he is in rosting the better, & in this manner rost him untill all

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19 all the sapp be dropped forth, & be dry, then keep the dripings in a glasse, and anoint that place therewith, it will not onely ease the gout, but alsoe comfort and strengthen the ioynts very much.

ffor a great paine in the reynes of a mans backe comeing from cold. {X} Slice some of a bryany roote, & after that you haue made it cleane stamp it in a wooden dish or the like, & spred it upon some allome leather, & apply it {48} warme to the greiued place, the patient beeing in bedd, & bind it on , & lapp his feet with a warme wollen cloth, & lay some more cloaths upon him, & he will soone find ease. The patient must endure the nettling of the rootes. pb. T.H.

ffor the plague, small pox & measells a tried good one.

Take 3 pints of Malmesey a handfull of good Sage, & as much Rue, boyle them {X} togather, untill a pint be wasted, then streyne it & sett it on the fire againe, and thertoo put a penniworth of long pepper halfe o℥: ginger a quarter o℥; of nuttmeggs all beatan to powdar togather not too small, & lett it boyle a little & then putt therto 4 penniworth of mithridate, two penniworth of treacle a quarter of a pint of aqua vitae (or angelico water) keep this as best abou[...] all worldly treasure Take of it warme euery morneing & euening one or two spoonefulls if the party plague time. Trust to this for certaine for ther was neuer any (saith my author that this drink deceived, if his hart was not altogather mortified before. If not infected halfe a spoonefull at morn ing & halfe at evening. Dr Burges.

ffor the stone

Still the leaues, & flowers of Mellilott (some call it hartlaver) it groweth commonly in barlay & pease lanes) as you still roses, between midsommer & Lammas, that done {49} stop the glasse you keepe it in very close & it will be for your use. If a man or woman be to use it put about 6 or 7 spoonefulls into a glasse, & lett the patient drinke it fasting & stirr after it. If a childe 4 or 5 spoonefulls. Lady Skerrad. pb. T.H. Another

Beate the dried shell of a peach stone to fine powder, take soe much of it as may {50} lye on a groate put that into a spoone with a little posset ale or the like, & let the patient sitrr it very well togather & swallow it down, & presently after drinke a good draught of beare or Ale & stirr about after it The Lady Dauerncourt

ffor a stick that crosseth the breast: or for an inward bruise or for a pluresie. {X} Take three or 4 balls of the dung of a stoned horse that is kept in a stable put them into a pint of good stale ale: after you haue bruised them therein stirr them well togather, & stopp the pott close, & after 12 howers let the {51} Ale run through a fine linnen cloth, & the patient drink it fasting & fast 2 howers after it. Doe the like in the morneing & giue it in the same manner about 4 or 5 of the clock in the afternoone, & let him fast 2 howers after, or towards bed time, the patient not haueing eaten any thing two or three howers before. (You may sweeten it with sugar for your use.) pb.T.H.

{X} An excellent pultis for a venemous blasting.

Boile a pint of the eldest & thickest cream that may be gotten, thicken it with {52} with the finest wheat flower that may be had, make it very thick, & boyle it well (alwaies stirring it) then take it from the fire & put thereto some of the iuyce of houseleeke, stirr them well togather & apply it hot to the greiued place. The Lady Cartwright.

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A good healeing salve.

{X S} Take of yellow wax thin sliced 4 o℥: of rosen finely powdred, & of Ceres of each 2℥: & of galls grease halfe a pound. Melt the wax rosen & galls grease in a pan, & when they are well incorporated (they are to be stirred often) then take it from the fire, & let it coole till it bee but blood warme, then put in the Turpen{53} tine & Ceres & stirr them againe very well togather & set them againe on the fire still stirring them) ther lett them boyle gently a full quarter of an hower then take it thence, let it coole a while, & then streyne it into water, & then wash it well, & then role it up & keep it to skin wounds or sores. Its a good salue. qu?: whether it be not better to put in the turpentine after it be streyned, than before; & to streyne it hot rather than somewhat cold. The Lady Cartwright.

An excellent remedy for a great cold, & for much coughing.

{X} Take some Elicampane rootes beeing made very cleane, & put them into an oven soone after the bread is drawen, & after 3 or 4 howers you may stampe them {2} into fine poweder, & mix some of it with some good hony upon a trencher or the like with a knife or some such thing, then putt it into a glasse or small galley pot {54} take therof the quantity of a nuttmeg fasting, & at your goeing to bed, & at other times 2 or 3 howers after meat, & an hower & somewhat more before meate. The powder is to be sifted through some fine sarsnett or the like, & the grosser is to bee beatan againe & soe sifted againe. pb.T. H.

ffor burneings. {X} {S} Take a stone of [unslacked] lime & let it dissolue in cleare water, & when the water is setled, power it gently out from the lime through a linnen cloth, {55} then put as much sallat oyle as you take water togather, beate them to an oyle you shall haue a most excellent unguent for all kind of burneings. Mr Mathaus.

{S X} Another

{56} The white of an egge & fresh buttar beeing mingled togather & well beaten to an oyle, are excellent for the same, & will heale without a scarr. Edem.

{X} ffor the cough of the lungs, or paine at the stomack

Take of Aniseeds of [Lycorase], of Elicampane, of browne sugar candy, of each 2 o℥: of Arras rootes 1/2 o℥: of Ginger 1/2 o℥: of brimstone 1/4 drie all these {57} before a fire, scrape them & beate them seuerally, & searse them through a fine searse, then mix them with soe much hony, as may with stirring make it somewhat stiffe, & with a liquorish stick take some of it fasting & at bed time.

{X}How to make aqua mirabilis ap pretiosa.

Take gallingale, cloues, cubibeas, ginger, mellelot, cardino de [macie], & nuttmeggs of each a dramm, & of the iuce of saladine, mingle all this made into {58} powder with the sayd iuce, & a pint of Aquauitae, & 3 pints of good wine, put all these togather into a stillatory of glasse, lett it stand soe all night, & the next morneing still it with an easy fire.

The vertues {X} It dissolueth the loynes without greeuance, it helpeth & comforteth them beeing wounded or perished, it suffers the blood not to putrify but it multiplys it soe that he shall not need ever be lett blood: this water suffereth not the hart to burne, nor yet melancholy or fleame to be left, or to haue dominion ouer nature it expells rume and [pretitteth] the stomack maruelousely, it preserues youth in its owne state: ingendreth good colour it conserueth memory, destroyeth the palsie of the limbs, & preserus a man from it. of all artificiall waters there none better. In summer take one spoonfull fasting once a weeke & two in winter.

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21 X For the black Jaundise

Take Elicampane rootes, and seeth them in milke, then streyne them through a 59 peice of cotten, and giue thereof to the patient.

X For the collicke and strangullion. 60 Take flower and Ale mixe them well together with a little sugar, & drinke it unsodden this giues you a stoole and ease.

X Another. 61 Take some hempseed well dried, make it into powder & drinke it with ale or wine well mixed togather.

X Another for Collick and the stone Take parsleyseed, fennillseed, cummingseed, anniseed, and plantin seed of each 1/4 oz: of nutmeggs one oz: of fine sugar 4 oz: beate all these into fine poweder & searse 62 them, lett the sugar be beaten with ale, and take of them as much as a good hazell nutt, put it al into beare or wine (malmesey is the best) euening and morneing 4 times a week, when he is in paine drinke it with mamesey.

X For paine in the back. Take of burgundy pitch halfe a pound make it into fine powder, then take of hony 1/2 pound, of mutten suit of the Kidneis 1/4 pound slice it small, boyle them gently on a soft fire, always stiring them till they be incorporated, spread some of it on some Allome leather, apply it warme, and bind it.

XS To heal sores or scabbs neare the fundament preceeding from some malady in the liuer. Take of blew violett leaues and of [sinckfoyle] of each a handfull, and of liuer root picked cleane from the stalkes a little handfull, stampe them in a stone morter then put to them a quarter of a pint, or neare halfe a pint of strawberry water, stir them well togather, then streyne them, & then boyle them with sugar to a surrupe, giue a spoonefull at a time 3 or 4 times a day upon an empty stomack, but espetially fasting and at his goeing to bed: & within two dayes all his paine ther will be done. pb. Mr Bushell. London.

XS Another. Take of sinquefoyle, liuerwort, & violet leaues of each a handfull, stamp them in 623 a stone morter, & then put to them a quarter or nere halfe a pint of strawberry water, stir them well togather & then streyne them, & soe boyle them with sugar to a syrrupe. Giue hereof to a child a spoonefull fasting when he is in bed at night, & once or twice a day upon an empty stomack, if to one of ripe years 2 or 3 spoonefulls at a time. Within 2 or 3 dayes all the paine will be gone. pb. Mr Bushell

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