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Physick & Surgery

A Drinck in a fit of the Stone and a Oynment where

the paine layes

Take near a pinte of white wine & near half a pinte of ale, a lemon
Squeese in & grate a nutmegg in, beate the whites of 2 new-laid eggs & putt in
and sweeten it will with Syup of Althea, drink it with a draught, & so doe 2 or 3
times or days. After anoynt also where the paine is with oyle of Scorpion. It is
good also to give Severall glisters.

For the present paine fry Onions in Sweet Oyle & apply to the place grieved
as hott as you can baire.

A Drinck for the King's Evill

Take Smalledge, Dill ditch hearb robind, Egrimony, Mug-wort of each a
handfull, seeth all these in a gallon of Small bear, till it coms to two quartes
When tis cold botle it. Drinck of this a good drought three times a day. To
the soare apply Maloes-leaves boiled soft in water, having taken of the hard
Stalkes, draine it gently & heat it over some coales with fresh hogs-lard, apply
this pretty thick twice a day. this has been proved often upon the Eyes also.

For a Deafness in the Eares.

Take rye meale and cumin's seeds & make it in a Cake with water, bake
it on the embers, then Slitt it in two & clapp each side hott by each eare; If it
doth not cure in one night doe it another.

For a Spraine if presently applyed it cures presently, but
if it be a long Spraine it requires more time to cure. Mrs. Warren

Take clay, you may take the bung of the Vessel without Salt is best, putt it
into Strong white wine venigar, make it pretty thick of the clay, so boile it to
the thickness of hasty pudding, so apply it warme to the grieved place morning
& evening as hott as you can bare it, lay it pretty thick on.

For the Scurvey, Dropsey, Consomption & paine in the
Stomack to be taken in March & in the fall, or att any time.

Take elven pints of faire water, 4 ounces of Salsaparilla Splitt and cut, one
ounce of China roots sliced, putt these into the water, lett it boile on a chearcole
fire a warme or 2, take it of the fire, lett it infusse 14 houres, then lett it boile
one houre, then take a handfull of raisins of the Sun Stoned, half an ounce
of liquorish bruised and peeled, then boile it a quarter of an houre, the weight
of 18 pence of Corrianders seeds bruised, boile it another quarter of an houre, the weight
of 12 pence in Cinamon, boile it another quarter of an houre, boile it in a pipkin
well glazed and close Stopt, Straine it, when its cold botle it. Mrs. Cresset.

For the Piles. Mrs. Warren.

Take barrowes greas, boile in it feather-few, till it is very green of it. Use it
within & without, the oyntmnet will keep long; Make it in May.

For a Burne & to use in the Small Pox.

Take fatt bacon, roast it & lett it drip into a bason of water, when it is cold, take
of the fatt that is upon the water, beate it well and putt it up into a gally-pott. It will
Keep a long while. When you will use it cover the burnt place all over with it & lay
a cloth over it, So dres it 2 or 3 times a day att least. And when the Small pox begins
to drye use this also, itis most admirable to keep frome pitting, and shells them pre-
-sently. Lady Rainsford.

Physick & Surgery.

For an Ague. Lady Rainsford.

Take 2 penny worth of Venice turpantine, spread it on leather, strow on it
a little powder of Olibanum & on that grate a little ginger. Bind this hard on to
the vains of each wrist 7 or 8 hours before the fitt coms, lett it lye on 3 fitts
then change it & soe doe 3 severall times. Drink Sage's posset, drink in the fitt
the third time that this is applyed perfects the cure.

For an Ague, before you use the plaster above.

Take a full draught of ale, warme it with as much beaten allum as will laye
upon a sheling for a man, but for a child as much as will laye on a six pence
with some nuttmegg, warme it together and drinck it when you first find the
cold fitt is coming, doe it for 3 fitts; if you find it workes by Vomit give
posset between the vomits, with some it workes by Stoole.

For Chilblains & Ribes

For Chilblains before they breake take oats & boile them to mash, & then
lett them be putt in a Cive, that all the thin part may run cleare out, anoynt
the grieved part with butter all over & putt the oats hott into a close pot, thrust
the hands or feet that have the Chilblaines into the hott oats assoone as they
are anoynted, keep a cloth cover over the pott to keep in the Steam, So Keep
it till it is coole soaking in the oats.

Att the first of any Cutt or bruise or blow.

Beat the white of an egg & lay some flax in it, Squeese the flax out &
cover the grieved place all over with it just warmed; This prevents the Swelling
& being black & blew & keepe/ back the humours. If it be a cutt, lay on a plaster
under the flax & a tent if need be of the black slave before written. 129.

For a migraine or dizeness of the head.

Take a quarte of white wine 30 cloves & boile it well, & 3 or 4 Days before
the full of the Moon and after take each day a quarter of a pinte in the morning
and as much in the afternoone.

For an Ague. Lady Vincent.

Take a pinte of Claret wine, boile in a handfull of Sage, drinck it of an
houre before the fitt coms, this cause sweat. Doe So 2 or 3 times, if it be a Strong
Man take more.

Another. Mrs. Hawes.

Take for a man's ague a woman's water, for a woman a man's' bruise
Some pepper boile it to a good thickness, spread it on leather, lay it upon the
Veines of the wrist, So bind it hard.

Also if you know how many fitts the party has had, chack it up over a
Chimny & one more; Or else upon a peece of wood with one more & so fling
it into the fire; Or cutt so many Notches & one more upon the hoope of a barrell
so fling it into the fire.

Possett to quench the thirst in a fevour

Take milk & turne it with Oranges & take of the Curds.

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