Wellcome Collection: Saint John, Johanna (MS4338)


Johanna St. John Her Booke.

The date 1680 is found on Leaf A 3 and F 7: there are a few additions by late 17th century hands.





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The marks Apothycarys use in their Bills Cochel A spoonful 1q a suffitient quantity {92688 / 4229 4338} qtr A quarter P a smal Handful M a great Handful fs is halfe a pound ff A pound qr a quart [&] is an ounce z is a dram [] a scruple nro is in number Gr A grane

{Renianinn Mors}

Cow piss will cure in M a Dog of this mang washing ther with certaine cun is some Gunpowder beat very fine & put it in scalding Hogs Lard & noynt it as hott as can be indured 3 times or more

{X}For the Fations in a Horse never failing {H1} A Pennyworth of Annisseed water the same quantity of Juyce of HouseLeek well mingled put halfe into one eye & halfe in the other eye the eares & watch the Horse 12 howers that he lye not downe this will expel the Humors out of the body bycaus ing the sore to runn abundantly the man that used this would buy any Horse that had it at any reasonable price with the presumption he could cure it with this

{John}Johanna StJohn Her Booke

For a Bulock that pisseth Blood {X B} The inwarrd Bark of an oke boyld in a qrt of raine water to a pint & strain it when tis almost cold put in a pennyworth of Bolarmonake give it blood warme if once doe not give it 2 or 3 days over againe

{D X} To cure any inward sickness or desease in a Dog or a man & that is but with a mad Dog A pint of new milk & 6 cl of crabbs claws the black tipps of them make them into powder then take rue bloodwort & Liverwort each halfe a handfull boyle thes tel it comes to 3 qtrs of a pint then put in a spoonfull of good oyle the like of Juyce of celondine & powder of Turmirick it will serve three times for a dog fasting 2 howers after it

{I X} For the Itch in man or woman or mang in a Dog halfe a pound of flower of Brimston or sulphir & a qrt of white wine put together give a wine glass to a man or woman every night to a little dog 2 spoonfuls La nottlys experience

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A For An Ague Mr Woodhouse

4 ounces of Indian snake root pick it clean from the dirt bruse it & put it into 3 pints of the spirit of sack let it stand 6 weeks in the sun close stoped give 3 sponfuls an hower before the fitt keep y u bed all the time yr fitt lasts this usualy cures in 3 times but if a quartan 6 times or more it is alsoe good for some Feavors if the spirit be strong 2 sponfuls is enough or if the person be a woman or a yong man after you have spent this infution you may put into the same rootes a quart of sack that will serve poor people & children

For an Ague my Cosen Cutts

white pepper beat it & boyle it in viniger to a poltis spread it on leather lay it in the hollow of the foot between the heel & the foot doe it halfe an hower before the fitt comes renew it every fitt also the hairy side of a pece of the skin of a Beare layd next the sole of the foot has done many cures & Tarr spread on lambs leather & Layd to the sole of the foot leting it lye as long as it will stick is very good

A wrist medicine for an Ague

venes Turpentine spread on leeather plaster wise strew tharon powder of olibanum mastick & Frankensence bind it onto the wrists if it stick it will quickly cure

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For a Tertian Ague

Oyle of scorpians anoynt the soles of the feet & the palmes of the hands & the forehead & the backbone before the fitt comes

For an Ague m any swelling

A new pipkin put [ther in gw] of a pint of salet oyl the quantity of a walnutt of may butter the same of Deeks suit set it on embers & it let it not boyle but simer a gw of an hour then take it off from the fire stir it till it is almost cold then put in a spoonful of English hony apply it warme to the swelling

For an Ague

The Hart of a pike taken out & drunk in maligo

For an Ague in a sore Poltise

Two qrts of Runing water malows and smalage each 2 handfuls red Fennel & sage each a smal handful chop yr Herbs smal boyle them in a pot with some Linseed about 2 handfuls & the same of otemeal a little [Grused] a little vinegar a pint of red wine [leez] a pint of milk from the cow almost a pound of suit shreed smal boyle them til it be thick like a plaster lay it as hott as it may be suffred

For an Ague swelling

Oatmeal boyle it in new milt to a poltis then adde to it may Butter & Aqua vitte if it be a sore lay this on top of a Plaster hott

A Poltis for the wrists in a Ague

Aqua vitta mustard seed & ryemeal beat this into a poltis lay it on a little before the fitt in 3 tims it will cure also to hang a piece of camphir as big as a walnut in a Bag about the neck til the Ague be gone

A: 3: 4

For the dweeling to the Legs coming of an Ague Elder & Bloodwort leaves each a Handful Bay salt & roach Alom each a suffitient quantity fry this in Boars [greas] make a poltis or plaster of it and lay it to the Leggs

For an Ague Tertian

A Head of Garlick peel the cloves boyle it in haffe a pint of sack tender then take it out & [bruse] it & put it in againe then put it into as much of the [sowerest] leven as will make it into a poltis spread it on2 cloths lay it hott to the sole of each foot 2 howers before a [fitt] goes to bed when you lay it on let it lye 12 howers use it 3 [fitts]

Dr willis his wrist medisine for an Ague

Hopps curans & Bay salt each alike quantity beat them to a poltis lay it almost round the wrists sowe it on pritty heard a little before the fitt comes

For an Ague or swelling in the Brest

new milk red rose leaves Brown sage each a handful chop them boyle them tender with a [pele ]of sheeps suit then put in a little Flower lay it on hott this will dissolve or break it

Dr willis to drink in a Ague

Rough [Dantdeleon] either boil in poset drink or the juyce in white wine

Another for an Ague

Take rootes of yarrow wash & chop them put them in a silk bag as big as the [palm of ones] hand hang it to the pitt of the stomach chang it 2 howers before the fitt does this 3 fitts this [years] many Agues have been cursed with a plaster of Galbanum to the navel & some with eating a magpye baked in a pye 1680

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