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{X H:i: ML}

For the megrim Convultion Fitts or Falling sicknes

Halfe a Handful of celondine let it infuse 12 howers
in half a pint of white wine straine halfe a pint
from the Herbs & put therto as much sliced ginger
& nuttmeg as will lye on a Groat both together
sweeten it drink so much first & last 4 times
together let blood in a veine above the elboe

Dr Bates Head Pills

Pil stomach mes mastick each ʒi extract
Rudy ʒii sal Absynth grains vi oyl nuttmegs 3 grains
make 36 pills

For a scald Head

Sweet Butter Pepper Ginger fry them together til the
Butter look Black then take a peice of the Afterberth
of the first child halfe burne it beat it to powder &
anoynt mingle it with the things anoynt the sore
& stil rais up the scirfe as you can come as it
this hath done great cures

For a scald Head

4 sponfuls of chane Tarr one of Flowr of Brimstone eight
of Bores greace dryed stir thes together with an oaken
stick till it be well mingled & a perfect oyntment
clip the Head close as is posible wash it with the
sharpest elder vineger rub it well in with a ragg
wrapt about a stick & rub it hard let it dry in
of it selfe when it is very dry anoynt it with this
oyntment rubed in hard pur the party with
Jolop 2 a week during the cure afterwards one a

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scirfe = scurf (dandruff)

Replaced "unclear" with proper apothecary's symbology (ʒ=dram gr=grains, not grams, one grain = 0.0648 grams. if you compound this as it had been written it would have been way off proportion)