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To Make Snayle Water.

Take a good peck of garden Snayles in their shells
& wash them in a great bowle of beere, then make
your Chimney hearth very clean & pour out halfe
a bushell of Charcoales and set them on fire, & when
they are throughly kindled, then with a fire shovell
make a great hole in the mid'st of them & pour the
Snayles & scatter some fire of your quick coales amongst
them, & soe let them rest till they haue done makeing
a noise, And then you must take them forth, and
with a knife and course cloth pick ^them & wipe them
from the ashes & coles & the green froth that is upon
them. Then in a stone Mortar bruise them shells &
all, take alsoe a quart of earth worms, & scoure them
with water very well divers times over, then wash them
well from their filth, then put them into a Stone Mortar
& beat them well to pieces, then take a clean Iron pot upon
up which sett your Limbeck or Still, then take 2 handfulls
of Sallendine & lay in the bottome of your pott & 2 hand=
fulls of Angelica must be Laid upon that; then put
in a Quart or two of rosmary flowers also bearsfoot
Agrimony Reddock roots, Barke of Barbary trees, wood
Sorrill, Bittony, of each of them two handfulls, halfe
a handfull of Rue of fenegrick & Tumricke of each
an ounce well beaten, then lay your Snayles & wormes
upon the top of all these hearbs and flowers.


Then pour in three gallons of the Strongest Ale then Cover
your pott & lett it Stand all night or longer if you please
in the place where you means to make your fire under it
In the morninge you must put in three ounces of Cloves
beaten to powder, Six penny waight of Saffron dry'd to powder
Harts horne fyled six ounces, you must not stirr it after
you have put in the Hartshorne for it must be uppermost
then Sett your limbeck & Close it with Rye dough & make
a very Soft fire under it & recieve your water by pints the
first is strongest the next weaker & weaker, but the weakest
is usefull, the Smallest if need be may be helped with puting
in one Spoonefull of the strongest to 4 of the Smallest, It is
to be used two Spoonefulls of the strongest to 4 of Ale or Beer
or with wine, & of the snailes as much of Ale or beer or of
wine, This water is by experience good for the yellow
Jaundise & for all griefes comeinge from the obstructions
of the Liver helps the Consumption, it must be taken in
the morning & two houres before meate in the after=
noone with Some moderate Stirrings of the body
after the takinge of it &c

Aqua Mirabilis

Take of the seeds of Cardimum, Cubebes, Gallingall,
Mellelot floweres, Cloves, Mace, Nutmeggs Ginger of each
one dramme, beinge made into powder putt them into
3 pints of white wine & one pint of aquae vite, a pint of
the Juice of Sallendine put all these into a glass Still and
soe lett them incorporate all night, in the morning distill it

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