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With a Soft fire in water Lett it drop on shuggar candy
or fine Shuggar put into your glass if you like with your Shugar
a Little Amber Grease & Saffron tied up into fine Cloath
you may draw out of this quantity two quarts keep one
quart which first comes by it Selfe mingle it either Strong
or Small as you list you may make ^it in winter with
the Juice of the Rootes, you may take when you please
The usuall time is halfe an hour before dinner & Supper
& before you goe to bed one Spoonefull or two at one time
it preserves the Lungs helps the Stomack, helps the
Stoppinge of the urine, helps the Palsey.

Palsey Water

Take of Burrage flowers, Bugles flowers, the flowers
of Lilyes Convallu & Couselips of each one handfull,
of Sage flowers of Rosemary flowers of Bittany flowrs
of each halfe a handfull let all these be gathered in there
Severall Seasons for they are not to be had all at one
time, but take the first that cometh & let them be steep=
ed in very good Spiritt of wine distilled from all
phlegme in two glasses till all may be had, And let them
Stand tenn days after the last is in. but alwayes very close
stopped, Alsoe when Lavender cometh Stripp of the fairest
heads the quantity of 2 pounds & put them into a Large gallon
glass & pour on them as much Spirit of wine as before
Soe Cover them well Stopped & lett them Stand 14 dayes


In the Sunn or Some other warme place with the
other glasses, which done take ^the Lavender with the Spirit
& distill it with a Limbeck by it Selfe, then take the
water you extract & put it with all the former flowers
& Spiritt together in a Limbeck & put therewith these
things followeinge, of Balme, Motherworth, Bay=
leaves, Spickneard, the leaves & flowers of of Orange
trees if they may be had, of each one ounce Cutt
or Shredd Severally the yellow pills of Citron dryed or
else of Lemon peeles, of Piany seeds hulld of each six dramms
Of Cinament, Nutmeggs, Cardimum, Cubebees of yellow
saunders of each halfe an ounce, being all made in
powder and of Ligme Alloes one dramme in powder and of
Jubebees new & good the stones taken out & cut Small halfe
a pound, All which beinge well mingled together in the
Limbeck lett them be carefully distilled, with an indife=
rent fire, if you please you may make two sorts, ^a stronger
& weaker, which you may doe by preservinge the first that
comes off by it selfe, And soe use them as occasion
serves, Then after it is distilled put them into a wide
mouth glass & Soe Stopp it close, And take of .. prepared
pearle & Smaragdes of each each one Scruple of Amber
Grease, Musk, & Saffron of each halfe a Scruple, of Red
Roses dryed well, & red & yellow Saunders, small & thinn
sliced, of each one ounce, put all these into a Sarsnett
bagg & hang in the water Six weekes together and
cover it close with a double Bladder that none of the

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