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The man that borne vnder Gemini from mydd May to the
midest of June shall have many woundes He shalbe gentle
and merryfull, He shall leade an open free and reasonable
lyfe,He shall receyve much money, He shall goe in knowne places
and goe many Pillgramages. He shall love to prayse him
self, he will not abyde wher he was borne, He shalbe wise
but negligent in his workes. He shall come to riches as
xxvitie, yeares of his age, his first wyfe shall not live long with
him, and he shall marrye a contentious woman, he shalbe
in yeares before he marrye, he shalbe butten with a dogg and
shall have a marke of yron or of fyer, he shalbe troubled in
Pater, and shall passe the sea and shall live a hundred
yeares and Ten Monethes after the course of Nature.

The woman that is borne vnder Gemini shall labor verye hard
& pay in fullie and shall come to greate honor, and be advanced
by other mens goode and be accased of a false cryme. She shalbe
marryed at xmi yeares of age and then the shalbe hast @
[of hue] all pilles. And by the course of nature she shall live
lxx yeares and love and honor God. The dayes of soles.
Mercurie be to them verie good and the dayes of Luna & venus
arer to them contrarious, And as well the man as the woman
shall heape vpp and gather to gyther greate store of good and
riches for their successors but will skantlye have the vse or
benifitt of them their owne selves they shalbe soe covefouslye
mynded. The 7.15. &20. dayes of May be dayes to take
sicknesse or harme in.

Cancer is the signe which raigneth in the brest the sties and the stomouke,
the mylt, the hart, the liver & the gall yf any man fall sicke
when the signe is in Cancer it is mervayle yf the eye not for
it is perilous bothe in the begining & in the ende. The signe
is of the worthe [parte] septentry all cold and moyste of the nature of
water fflegmatique of complexion the howse of the moone,
Expussative when this signe rulethe it is good to take a
iourney toward the Worthe [partes] when his signe governethe
it is good alsoe to take laxatives & receyve potions, and in different
for bleedinge wher in those places wher the signe [go..ercethe]:

{The man.}

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