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The man that is borne in his signe of Cancer that is from the midest of June
to the mydest of July shalbe very covetous and of equall ffortune he
wilbe merrye and love well weomen that be courteous, wise and well favored
he shall have damage by [ensie]. he shall have other mens goode in
governement. ther shalbe discord and stryse betwixt him and his
neyghbours. he wilbe revenged vppon his enemyes, many shall
mocke him & deryde him by his pryde and arogancye. he shalbe
in danger of water pften tymes. he wilbe merrye within him
self, he shall feele greate grieses and paynes in his bodye,
he shall fynd money that is hidden, and he shall have trouble
about his wyfe. he shall see his perrill in some certayine yeare of
his lyfe but which is best knowne vnto God. At he xxx[ni]tie yeare
of his age he shall passe the seas, he shall live accordinge to the
course of nature Lxx yeares, And shall have ffortune, fovorable
vnto him.

The woman that is borne vnder the signe of Cancer shalbe furious, incontinent
ioyfull,and shall suffer many perilles, she shall paye trulye that
she owe the, she shall labor sore and take greate paynes til she be xxxtie
yeares of age and then she shall have rest. she shall have many
sonnes and she shalbe, marryed at xvi yeares old. honors and [ghste]
shall fallow hir. she shall have woundes in many places and
be in danger of water and the bytinge of a dogge. and shall
live after course of nature Lxx yeares. The dayes
of Venus Iupiter & Luna are good bothe for the man
& woman. and the dayes of Mars are exceedinge evill.
But they shall have good ffortune & victorie over their
enemyes. The 9. & 7. dayes of Iune are dangerous
dayes to take sicknesse & hurt.

Leo is the Signe that rule the in the back, fyees, senues, bones and
the gristles of a man. and when the moone is in Leo it is dangerous
to be cutt lett blood or hurt in any of theseplaces and it is
greater danger in the ende of Leo to take any sicknesse then in the
begininge for then he may recover yf he observe a good dyett and
governe him selfe well in his sicknes ffor this signe is stedfast


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On many of these pages, there are symbol drawings of the sign being discussed in the margins. Is there a way to transcribe those symbols?