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to enter and to inforc the same and to corrupt the spirituall members
and destroye all ye vitall spirits in a man. It alsoe r[equisc___]
[bhouefull] for a man in the playgue tyme to eschue the voluptuous
lusts of ye fleshe for they doe not onlye open the powers of the bodye
but also destroye the naturall strengthe and vigor in a man &
infeeblethe the spirituall memberes and the vitall spirits.
In tyme of pestilence also it is good for everie man to abstayne from
unmeasurable drinkinge and drunckennes, but to drinke moderately
to allaye thirst and noe more. And he who drinkes and
waters viz. [Eysen] mixed with vinegre, water of barrage, of endife,
of lettuce, of violetts, of roses, scabioius, [cormentill], [dircanum]
myngled by even portions or druncke by them selves are verie good
and profitable agaynst the pestilence in sommer tyme, especyallie
for them that are of a colericke complexion, for they are hotter and
dryer then others are. It is verie contagious alsoe to come into
corrupt ayres in the morninge, before one taketh ayre of the fyre.
Drinkinge gutteres, uncleare standinge waters, draughtes and other
evill favours may be an ocasion of the plague, wherfore it is
good for one in tyme of infection to keep his chamber daye and
night fast closed agaynst the East and southe, and to have a pann
of coales in his chamber and to laye theron baye leaves, and rose-
marie dryed and frankenense, and to keepe a good fyre in
the chamber night and daye is verie good, with the use of [good] fumo-
sicies of frankencense rosemarie and other such good thinges as
hath bene said for corrupted ayre hathe an attractive power
in it drawinge from the [__welie] spirits and spirituall members
their vigor and bringethe infection and venoms [owertwhard] the
veynes of the hart, which infestinge it, hasnethe a manes deathe.

How to know from what part of the bodye the infection dothe come and
preeve viz. from which of the principall members of mans bodye.
for as hathe bene said in a former treatise ther are iii principall
members of the bodye the hearte the liver and the brayne which
have their severall clensinge places wherin they expell and send
forthe their venome and infection yf they have receyved any:

The hearte hathe his clensinge place under the arme holes,
and therfore yf any tumor or [batche] be ther it is a signe that the hearte
hath sent his contagion thither

The clensinge place of the liver is the flankes and therfore yf
ther appeare any matter in the [share] [besides] the privaties then it appeareth
that the infection is sent thither from the liver

The braynes have their place of cleansinge under the Eares and under the
throate, and therfore yf any swellinge or [batche] doe ther appeare it is evident
the infection comethe from the Brayne. Now of the ___ ___ ___

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