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The third chapter wherin is declared what remedie and medycynes
are best to be used to avoyde the danger of this most contagious sicknes
of the plague or pestilence. /

How a man may know in tyme of the plague or pestilence that he hath
receyved the infection hath bene declared in a former treatise
viz. by the extraordinarie shootinge and prickinge that he shall feele
in his fleshe. Now for the cure as it is ingendred by some naturall
causes and proceedethe from thinges which (used by God as secondarie causes
and instrumentes for the punishm[en]t of sinne as hath bene declared) have
their fource and beginninge from nature. Soe noe doubt Almightie
God of his greate mercy and goodnes, takeinge commiseration
of mans informitie hath appoynted and given unto man naturall
helpes and remedies for the same, as well as for other sicknesses
and diseases. Soe that Avecine in his commune Treatise De Cura
Febrium saythe verye well: That ther is noe sicknes that fallethe
to man proceedinge from naturall causes but ther is a naturall
remedie and medycyne provided for the same. /
The first meanes therfore that hathe bene thought the best and fittest
meanes of remedye after the infection receyved, by learned men
in the secreetes of nature and in physique is lettinge of blood
and yt which use much speede up may be, [wh[er]in?] twelve hoards
and the furthest and that in fittinge and convenient places
accordinge as the infection and corruption shall appeare
and manifest it self for (as hath alreadie bene shewed yf that
any corrupt matter appeare about the hare and privie members
then it is an argument that the liver is infected and then the
partie soe infected must be lett blood on the same side in the peyne
that is betwixt the greate too and the next unto it, and in noe
wise lett him bleed in the arme, for that would drawe upp the
infection agayne unto the liver and soe to the harte and
fill the man. But yf the botche be more outward toward
the side and further from the privities then lett blood on the
veyne betweene the Ancle and the foote and ye heele or
els in the veyne that is under the Ancle called Sophia
or els be [vento] soe speedilye beneathe the botche, which thoughe it be
{vide cap.3m} uerie paynefull yet in case of necessitie a man will endure
{in the former} much to safe his lyfe. Yf corruption appeare under the arme hole
{treatise} it is a signe the same comethe from the hart, and in that case it
is expedient to bleed on the same syde the sicknes dothe appeare
otherwise to bleed on the contrarye side bringeth a double harme, as is
formerly declared. v cap: 3.o [pf/ps] the former treatise /
But yf

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