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But yf any sore doe appeare vnder the Eares or vnder
the throat then it evident that the infection proceedeth from
the brayne as is allredye specyfied, and for remedie
in this case, a man must bleed on the same side the corruption
dothe appeare, and That eyther on the veyne vnder the tounge
or on the head veyne on the arme called Cephaliea which veyne
lyethe next aboue the bodye veyne Carduica lyenge in the middle
of the arme right vnder the bought of the arme or els on the
{Vena Illica} head veyne which is betweene the Thumb and forefinger. Or els
{pulsatilis./} be ventosed betwixt the shoulders till the blood be exhaust.

But whensoever any is lett blood in any of these veynes, he must
take heed that he sleepe not in xij howres after his lettinge
blood. And it is verie good to carrye a Pommander in ones hand
contynuallye to take awaye the evill ayre of the infection
and to Comfort the brayne and spirituall members of the
bodye. Whiche is made in this manner ffollowinge.

To make a Pommander to carrye in one hand
in tyme of infections of the Plague to takr awaye
the evill ayre.

Take Laddanum puryfyed one Ounce Storax Calamint disolved, Roses
Cloves, mace of eache three halfe pennie weyght, and a Penny weight
of chosen Amber and Muske make poulder of them that will make poulder,
Then take a spoonefull of Oyle of Bayes, an ounce of Virgin waxe
and disolve them, and when they be disolved mingle them altogether
vppon the fyre, and when it is cold make Balles therof the quantitie
of a Wallnutt. And this is the true makeinge of a Pommander
the sent wherof dothe comfort the lwelie spirites of a man

{2} Next after the corrupt blood is drwane out accordinge as hathe
bene sayd, and the princypall members ventosed yf ther be any fevor
or Ague ennexed with the Corruption the hafrte ought then to be
comforted and refreshed with good Electuaries and wholsome stilled
waters, that will withdrawe vnkynd and unnaturall heates
as Conserve of Violettes, Burrage Conserve of Buglosse drawne
with sugar decocte. And these waters, as water of Endive, Roses,
Tormentil, Burrage, Violettes Scabious Duttanye, and of lettuce
drunk with Renishe wyne or with wyne of Rochell, especyallye
whyles the vnkind heate dothe remayne And washe the Temples
with the water of Roses and of Bittenie and yf the violent
heate of the ague be vppon one lett him wett a lynnen clothe
in the water and laye to his forehead and Temples fowre tymes
double, And lett him applye an other clothe to Coole his liver, and

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