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and therfore by naturall reason and indgement of _____ the sebe
good and holdsome meates. Viz. Lambe, kidd, hennes capons
shickins feasants, partridge and plovers, and all __ byrde
But noe sea fowle. Skaloe fishe of runninge water, reere egges
borage, Lungdebeose, good ___ bread well baked, Alseys
one be cloyed about the stomake with coughe fleame and ___
matter then it is good to eate sharpe short meates and swer
___ speese, salt meates and bytter the tast wherof may be amended
with sweete apples, and honny. Drinke good old wyne, eate sherried
grapes damesons and Almonde before meate, peares Quinces,
__uttes and __ardens before meate. Give to sanguine men
distempred, malancholic meates, and unto melancolique men
distempred give sanguine meates. Eate not to much of the
milke of beastes and drincke not much milke and wyne
togither for it ingendreth leprocie and white scabbes. As concerninge
teh quantie of meate to be taken or of drincke, noe certayne
rule or precept can be given, only this observe what quantitie dothe
you most good and

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