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Unguentum pretiosum how it is made and
wherfore it is good.

Take an ounce of sulphur unions half an ounce of verdigrease
and beate them to smale powtuer, then take a __ of oyle olife,
& medle them well togither. Then take half an ounce of
qucke slver and mixe it with the former, & stirr them well
togither; then take halfe a __ of freshe grease and braye
it by it self & mixe it with the other things. Then take a __
of oliani h___ and mingle it with the rest. then take
the ___ooke of _lccampane and seepe it in water untill it
be as softe as grease, stampe it with a morter by it self
& ___ out all the hardnes of the roote & doe it awaye.
Then take a quarter of a __ of ___ohen, an ounce of ffranken-
cense a quarter and halfe of ___irgis waxe & a little oyle
plisses and boyle them over a fyre a whyle, and then medle
it with the forner receipts. and then put it in __opes &
_se this oyntemt. for it is good for newe festers, newe
woundes Mormalies on the legges or feete, and help__
Limbes that be swollen & all the maladies of the bodye.

How to make longuentum sanatiuum.

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