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The Lady Ayscough Booke
Anno Domini 1692

Historical Medical Library
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A Table of Receits of Phisick & Chirurgery / Page


For the Scurvey Page the 1.

For the Stone ibid

For the Dropsey and Scurvey 2

A Purge ibid

A powder against wind & pain in the Stomack
& Obstructions of the Liver & Splen } ibid

Mathias Lucantella his Balsome 3

To stop bleeding ibid

To cause speedy deliverance 4

The milk water ibid

For the piles being outward ibid

Balsome of Tobacco of Peru ibid

Trithemius his powder 5.

For the Canker ibid

For the Ague ibid

Lucatella Ballsome 6

Emplaster magistralis ibid

For the Stone ibid

For A sore Throat and mouth ibid

A Diet Drink for the Scurvy 7.

To make Gilly ibid

An ointment for Green wounds 8.

For A consumption in the back ibid

For the wormes ibid

To make profumes ibid

Pills for the windy Collick 9.

For A consumption ibid

For spiting of Blood, or sing of blood, or any other issue 10.

To cause one to vomit Flegm ibid

To cure the pin or web in the Eye ibid

For A sore brest ibid

For A pearle or pin or web in the Eye ibid

For A consumption ibid

A pultis to Break a hard swellin 11

A Fermentation ibid

A water for the stone ibid


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