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For Griping in ye Gutts 11

For ye scurvy ibid

To purge ye head ibid

The Oyle of Charity 12

For A cough ibid

For A consumption ibid

To make Oyle of swallow 13

For A White Scald ibid

To Stay Spitting of blood ibid

For A Scald head ibid

To make the Green Ointment 14

For the canker ibid

A powder for the Green sickness ibid

To stay the tearms ibid

For A cough 15

For the plague ibid

A Drink to cure the Dropsie ibid

For red and watering Eyes ibid

For the runing of the Reins ibid

For a burneing Feaver ibid

An ex^cellent salve for A Burne ibid

For A cut or Green sore ibid

For the Fellon ibid

An Excellent plaister for the Gout 17

For the stone ibid

For A consumption ibid

For lameness palsies cramps or shrinking of the sinewes ibid

Against the blood flux & all other Issues of Blood ibid

A Pultis for A sore brest 18

A Water for the stone ibid

To make the Spirit of clary 19

To bring throwes ibid

For the wormes in A child ibid

A remedy for the Stone 20

For the Stone in the Reins ibid

A Receit for A woman apt to miscarry 21

For the Pleurisy ibid


A Medicine against the Plague 22

An Excellent medicine against the winde which proceed from the mother 23

For A Consumption ibid

A medicine for the Stone 24

For A cough ibid

A cordiall to bring away after birth ibid

To make A drink for the biteing of A mad dog 25

A Broth and Syrrup for A consumption ibid

A Cordiall for woman apt to miscarry 26

A pultis for Saintt Anthony fire ibid

For A Bursting either in young or old 27

So make the Common of Oyle of Saintt Johns wort 28

A receit of Captain Greens ibid

A Rare & excellent salve to heal all burneing 29

Mrs Shaws powder ibid

Captain Greens Red plaster 30

To make black Salve ibid

To make Compound Oyle calld Oleum Hyperici 31

Mr Tassells Cordiall to bring away after birth ibid

Sir Walter Raleigh is great Cordiall 32

An aproved receit for the Piles 33

My Lady Listers bags against after pains ibid

Mr Gilberts water 34

Mrs Shaws Directions 35

To bring Throw's ibid

A Glister for A woman in Child bed ibid

To make spirit of mint 36

To make wormewood water ibid

To make monsieurs water 37

To make spirit of wine ibid

A pleasant Drink in weekness 38


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