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Mathias Lucantella his Balsome

Take 3 pints of Sallit Oyle 5 or 6 Spoonfulls of
Sack & mingle them very well together in A brass
pan, Take also A pound of the best venice Turpatine
wash the same in Rose water 3 or 4 times then put
it into the Sallit Oyl, & Sack, whereunto you
must put 1/2 A pound of bee=wax then let all these
be boil'd with A Temperate fire for the Space of an
hour & 1/2 at the least and let it be gently Stired
with A clean Staffe all the time itt boyleth then put
into it one Ounce of the Redest Sanders you can
gitt and after let it boyl again alltogether
untill itt become a perfect oyntment that is for
an hour longer att least; this Oyntment will bee
fo^r.. many infirmities even presently
after it is made, but it will will not come to
the full perfection; untill it hath been buried A
yard underground in dry Earth for the space of 12
months togather in an Earthen pot well greased
both within and without & covered first with Leather
then with Lead; it will cure any Scalding or burning
it is good for any old or green wound if you melt some
of the Balsome and annoint the Greived place first
and after dipe some fine Lining cloth in it
and let it soe fate as the Anguish doth goe; or dip
fine Lint & tent the Sore, it will help any bruse
it being often anointed, or if the bruises be inward
you must take the quantity of A nutmeg in broth
or possit drink first sweat'ned with sugar and
look that all the things you make your Balsome with
be very good.

to stop or stanch bleeding

Dry some of your blood in A fire shovell to powder & snuff it
up the nose; if wound apply it to it;
Or take A peice of blew wollen cloth the deeper the blew
the better, burn it to powder and snuffe a little up the
Nose. Tie up A spider in A Linning cloth & then bruise
her A little & hold her near the nosterall that bleadeth but touch
not your nose with the Cloth & the bleeding will cease.


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