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To cause Speedy deliverance

Take Sage and winter Savery, wash them bruise them
in A mortar boil them in A pint of white wine giue
this to drink with A dram of saffron made into fine
powder: about an hour after boil Betony wormewood
& parsley leaves & roots in Spring water and drink well
of itt.

The milk water

Take Balm, Red Sage Rew and Spear mint.
of each A like Quantity shred them very small and
put them into your Still & your new milk upon them as much
as will Soke them & overflow them A little itt must
be distilled of pritty quick as soon as the milk is att
them or else the water will be apt to grow sowre.

For the Piles being outward

Take of the rine of Alders (the outward rind Scraped
of.) 2 good handfulls, put it into A pottle of fair
runing or Spring water, boil it half Away, then
put it into A glass & to it put 1/2 an Ounce of
[...] and let it there desolve.

Then keep it in the Glass & when need is let the party
greived take some of it into A Sawcer, warm it
blood warm against the fire but not on the fire dipp
A ragg into it and apply it to the place, & as soon
as it dryeth (which soon will bee) let anoth be put in
the room of it. Do this for A day or 2 & it will

Balsome of tobacco of Peru

Take Oile of Roses oyl of Saint John's wort of each
A pint, the Leaves of Tobacco Stampe 2l boyl that to=
gether to the consumaton ^ of 1/2 of the joice then Stran it add
put it on the fire add unto it Venice Turpentine
2 ounces of Olibanum & mastick each half an
Ounce beaten to powder all this you may make
into A salve by putting theirto wax & Rosin to
make it A Stife body.


Trithemius his powder.

Take Calamus aromaticus Gentian Sileris
Montaine willow Carawayes Annaseeds Cumin=
seeds Amces persley-seeds Spick=nard of each
of these half an ounce, red Corall pearles which
are not thurst thorow for stringing 5 drams of Each
Ginger whitewood night shade or ground pine of the
Leaves of Sena, Adust Tartar of Each 5 drams
Mace, Cubibs, of each 2 drams Cloves 7 drams.
Make A powder of these, & take half A dram in the
morneing & att night either in broth or wine for
the first month take for the 2 month 1/2 a dram
dayly in the mornes not att nights; the 3 week month ^ take
hereof thrice A weak in the morne for the 4 month
twice A weak & soe let it be continued all thy
life long.

For the canker

Take venus Cerus 4 Ounces beaten Small mingle it
with water, Gun powder as much add to it with this
wash the mouth or placed grieved. / After this
Take the Cerus & mingle it with A little milk aply
cloath theirin dipped. / Soe doe 3 or 4 times in
one day. / Let the party vse scurvy Grass in her drink
or water cressis.

For the Ague

Take 2 handfull of Avennes of the rounder leife, put
this into A quart of Ale or white wine, boil it half
away then Strane it and put it into A glass; Let the
grieved take half of it 1/2 an hour before his fitt
either in bed or upon his bed, keep warme, doe
this for 2 or 3 fitts togather and itt will cure


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