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A present & approv'd remedy for the Stone

Take 2 handfulls of saxifrage 2 handfulls of the
Mother of time 2 handfulls of piercestone otheriwse
call'd prosper two handfulls of Philipendula & as
much of Pellitory of the wall 2 ℥ of fennel seed &
Slice 9 or 10 Reddish roots to them put all these into A
gallon of new milk of A cow wholly red & let all these
Steeping in it 3 or 4 hours togather then destill itt to
A pottle in A cold still near about mid summer. afterwards
Slice some good quantity of Sassafrasse & put it into
A pottle and Stop it close. you may drink att any
time when you feel pain about 3 spoonfulls soe
that you doe not eat nor drink within an hour after.

For the Stone in the Reins

Take an handfull of piercestone and handfull of white
Saxifrage roots, 2 handfulls of Eringo roots A hand=
full of the Kernells of Ashen=keys, & 1/2 an handfull
of green persaley boyl them in ^ 3 gallons & an 1/2 of wort
the space of an hour with A slow fire then let it coole
& when it is cooll enough put yest to it and let it
work like other ordinary Ale; then strain it from
the Herbs & put itt into a vessell of it for it & stop
it close & in 3 or 4 day's you may drink of itt
every morneing a good draught or oftnorner as occasion
is offered.


A Receit for A woman apt to miscarry

Take cumphry rootes and leafes flowers of white arch=
angell sheeperds pouch plantain knott grass nip let
them be distilled with milk take clary leafes & flowers
distill them in A glass Limbeck putt fresh hearbs unto
them and distill them 5 or 6 times over take 20 berrys
Cocheneile take 4 treads and the yolk of a new laid
Egg eat it up & drink the Cocheneile, with A draught
of these 2 waters mingled togather.

For the Pleurisy

Take the dung of an horse or Gelding that standeth att
hard meat put A good quantity of that new made & hot
into bear or Ale bruse the dung well theirin then Strain
that through A lining cloath and take as much of
it as will make A good draught & put to it the
Quantity of A nutmeg in Treacle, stir it well into the
Treacle be disolved in it; then warme it and drink it in the
Morneing fasting & also at night when you goe to bed, soe
it be 2 houres after your meat let your medicine be made
every day if not you may make as much at once as
will serve 2 day's, soe you may make itt strong enough
& put treacle to it as afforesaid but keep it in A close vessell.
Also for A stick which cometh allwayes with A pleurisy
you must take horse Dung & fry it with fresh butter
& if your stich be on your right Side under your small ribbs
lay this Medicine on the side of the back directly against
it soe it be not laid derectly against the heart for the
Medicine will remove the stich to the place where it is
laid therefore the medicine must not be laid near the heart
for drawing of it to that place. This hath been often proved
to doe great good both for the pleurisy & also for any inward
cold that is taken when A number of other medicines wound not bre
break it; this hath helpen it.

This hath been given to A young child when the red Gumm hath been
Struck in & the child like to dye & the Child hath recovered.


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