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Medicine against the Plague
Take 3 pints of malmesay & a handfull of red sage
one handfull of rue Mittle werme shred them & put them into
the malmesey & set them on the fire & let them boyle untill
one pint be boyl'd away then strain it and Take long
pepper, Ginger, Nutmege, of all one ounce beaten to fine
powder & put itt into the malmesey & let it boyl
A pritty while & then take it of and put into it an
an Ounce of the best Methridate an ounce of venice
Treakle, or 2 ounce ounces of the best other Treackle
and when it is cold put into A 1/4 of A pint of
the best Aqua=vitae and half A quart. of A pint of
Angelico water; drink of itt luke warme & take of
it ever morneing A spoonfull of 2 in the morneing
fasting, Thrice or oftner in A week if you please
but if the party be sick take 4 spoonfulls att any
Time in the day and cast the party into A sweet &
let him drink & let him drink but hott possit drink boyled
with sage & in any case take heed of takeing cold
And if A sore Arise be not hasty to draw it
To an head but let it Arise of it selfe & when
itt is come to and head take some sorrill leaves
and bake them between Two Tiles and square 2 or 3
figgs amongst them and apply it To ye sore or else
take white Lilly roots.
Probatum est

An excellent medicine against ye winde
W:hich proceeds from the Mother which many
times causeth great pains both in the
Liver & the Spleen

Take A great fell Onion commonly call'd Saintt Thomas
Onion & cut of the top as you doe of an Apple & take
out some of the Onion being sure the bottome be not
medled with and then. haue some rue very small
shred & some honney & some gross pepper mix all
Together & fill up the hollow of the Onion with it then
put on the. Top again & wrap it up in A wett paper
and set it upon the Embers roasting itt like A ward in
Sokingly & when it is soe done take it out of the
paper & putt of the top then mix yt yw. put in & the
Onion Together saveing the bottome still whole
Then as hott as you can endure itt lay the soft side
upon the navill & the curst upwards laying A warme
Cloath upon it, To keep in the warmness as long as
you can if you find any ease by itt, it were
good to haue another riddy To lay on when the other
is cold; that if you Lay one on when you goe to bed
in the morneing you may apply another.
For A Consumption
Take 2 sheeps hearts hot from the sheep pare of the fatt & the
deafe ear'[..] and slitt them. of one side and shake out the blood
then put them. in A clean pipkin & cover them. all over with
red rose water. all night, then weigh To either heart
2 ounces of fine Sugar, beat the sugar very fine and Thraw it
upon the hearts then Stick 3 cloves in each heart then.
Take A clean pipkin & put theirin soe many rosemary
Sticks leafes scrap'd very clean as will lay cross in the midst of
of the pipkin then. lay the hearts upon the rosemary Sticks that. the.
Goice of the hearts may distill downe then cover it over. with. past
close & bake it with. w.t bread, Take every morneing warm'd for A child one
spoonfull for an old body 2 spoonfulls.

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