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The weight of 12d in Silver of carua seeds the weight
of 3 of rasons of the Sun 20 of Iniubes 14 Liquaras
Scraped 1/2 an ℥, of horehound 1/2 an handfull of
Elecampane Root's Sliced the weight of 2d in Silver
boyl all these in water & the eight part of good wine
Vinegar of both all most Apottle & boul them on A
gentle fire vntill their remain but A quart to
which being Strain'd put one ℥ of fine honet and of
Sugar 3 ℥ boil it again untill it be like A
thin Sirrup take of this often in the Day.

A Cordiall for A woman apt to miscarry

Take of clary & plantine of each an handfull of rose=
mary flowers Bettony flowers, of each 2 pugills boil
them in A quart of Ale vnto A pint & then Strain
it. Take 1/2 A pint of the pith of an Ox back washed
clean from the blood & 1/2 A pint of the Kirnells of
Hassell nutts beat them togather in A Stone mortar
with A little Muscadine ^ & let it stand on A few Embers
untill the Nutts be beaten in peices then put
into the same A pint of Muscadine

6 hours the Strain it and mingle it & put into
itt A little Cinamon powdered & 3 ℥ of white sugar
Candy powdered and take A draught every morneing
& att 4 A'clock in the afternoon for 9 dayes.

A Pultis for Stt Anthony's Fire

Take Malloes Marigold flowers red Sage elder
leaves of each Alike Quantity boil them tender in fair
water, then thicken it with barley meal & when it is
thick enough putt in A good peice of hoggs Grease
and apply itt renewing itt morneing & night.

Probatum est.


For A Burstting either in young or old

Take Knotwort, comfray & Ribwort, of each Alike
Quantity, wash them & dry them in an Oven after
the bread is newly drawn & being well dry'd beat
them to powder then Serce them in A searcer & what
quantity you take of the herbs when they are
dryed take 1/2 soe much Annaseeds & beat them with
the powder of the of said herbs, Searsing them togather when
you would vse it take soe much of this powder as you
can lay upon 6 pence & drink it fasting in A
little malmesey 10 morneings togather annointing
the griefe first with A little oyle of spike mingl'd
with some sweet butter unwasht Then take of
the hearbs as afforesaid (being first sodden in fair
runing water till they be tender) and wring the water
clean out & soe apply them to the greaved place as
hott as may bee suffer'd & tye them to with A trusse,
but lett not the trusse be to streight for that will
make it rend further these herbs must be gather'd
in May for then the are in their chief strength
This hath been approved upon children soe borne
and upon aged people that hath been 14 years broken
The Knot wort groweth in the feilds & hath a little
watchett flower & two little things growing togather
of the biggness of A pins head, out of the Joints
their of. the patient must lye one hour vpright
on his back, after the drinking of the said powder
and after the trussing.

Approved to be Soveraigne by Mr Withins


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