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46 Gascoignes Powder
Take white Amber red corall pearle crabs Eyes harts
horne of each of these one Ounce (made severally into
fine powder) theye black tips of crabs claws as much
of thatyt in weight made into fine powder as of all theye rest
A very little Amber greece & A very little of theye
Musk 2 or 3 leaves of saffron when all youryr powder are
riddy to be made into balls, you must youryr Ambergreese
desolve, then haveing some Adder skins, kill'd in theye
Spring & dry'd by hanging of themym up, put themym in with
A little Spring water into an Earthen pott cover itt
withwth dough whichwch you must let stand withwth A moderate heat
keeping continuall fire 24 hours when youyw open theyewith
pot take out the ye Skin & withwth A clean hand wring
themym into theye Liquor, in theye pott, cast Away he skins
being clean wrung out then put up theye Liquor in A
pott & withwth theye Liquor make up youryr balles, being all
mixe'd togather make themym up into balles, Soe firm
thatyt they may xxx Scrape dry themym att A window or
att A good distance from theye fire, & if you have noe
Adder make Jelly of hartshorne to make up your
Ball's with all when they are dry wrap every
Ball in A Severall paper & keep themym in Abox
thatyt theye Strength may not Abate leave out if
you will theye Musk & Amber grease & put in
A good quantity of bezar.
The vertues of it
Aresistets poison & conduwth against all diseases
perticipateing of theye nature as Small pox & pestilentiall
feavours theye plague &c

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