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For the Collick
Take Elderne Budds, dry them in the
Sunn then beat them into powder take
allmost a spoonful of itt in White wine

For the Spleen
Take the seeds of Ash Keyes drye them
before the fire, and then beate them to powder
putt a spoonfull of the powder into a draught
of white wine, and drink itt just before
you goe to bed, and as much in the morneing
before you rise two hours. Probat The
Lady Aberganeng

For to much
Boyle knottgrass & Shepherds purse in
floten milk then with the Milk make
Rice pottage and eat itt, if in Extremity
boyle Rice in Allegant soe thick that you
may spend itt on a peece of New Lockeram
and bind itt on the navill.

An approued Medicine
for one that cannot make
water but in great paine

Spread uppon sheeps Leather black
sope and strew uppon itt the powder
of Saffron and lay itt to the Navill
and itt will speedily help

For a Tetter
riseing in the

Take peach Leaves stamp & straine
them with the Juce annoint the tetter
and heale it. Probat

A medicine for the Stich
and windie Stomacks

Take young Mints and putt them in a Dish
and sett them in an Oven and drying itt to
powder, keep itt close in a box, till it be used
when you have cause to use itt; put a spoon=
full in your Broth or Eggs

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Allegant derived from 'Alicant', a wine produced near the Alicante region in Spain